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Sesame ring simit
House baked Turkish bread, alto virgin oil, organic molasses
Salad, butter lettuce, young celery, barrel aged feta
Lentil kofte, pickled chillies, pomegranate, cos lettuce
Cabbage kebab, green harissa, coriander, almond
Humus, crispy chickpeas, wattleseed dukkah, olive oil
Cacik, labna, garlic, cucumber, mint, dill, broad beans
Wood fired cauliflower, eggplant tarator, walnut, leaves
Smoked eggplant, yoghurt, pomegranate, molasses
Olive oil braised Jerusalem artichoke, green apple, carrot, radish
Mittagong back forest mushrooms, garlic, lemon & thyme broth


Salmon pastirma, cucumber, pickled chillies, wood sorrel
Grilled octopus, roasted summer vegetables, lemon, parsley
Zargana, grilled garfish on the bone
Palamut plaki, bonito fish stew, tomato, garlic, onion
Grilled, butterflied snowy mountain trout, garlic, burnt butter
Kilich shish, swordfish, eggplant, tahini, pickled daikon
Raw scallops in shell. pickled cucumber, bronze fennel, salmon roe

ea 6

Mini bosphorus style sardine sandwich, rocket, pickles, yogurt bread

ea 9


Grilled ox tongue, pickled carrot, parsley
Manti, mini dumplings, garlic yogurt, burnt mint butter
Grilled chicken thigh fillets, paprika marinade, bulgur pilav, yoghurt
Hunkar begendi, lamb loin, smoked eggplant puree, pencil leek

Express lunch - American Express delicious. Month Out


1 hour express lunch - $49 per person

House baked village bread, smoked butter, black Cyprus salt

Humus, crispy chickpeas, paprika, parsley, olive oil Summer shaksuka, tomato, zucchini, yougurt

Smoked eggplant, burnt yoghurt, wild rice, pomegranate

Tepsi kebabi: beef kofte, grape tomatoes, curly peppers

Pistachio baklava


We are happy to cater for any dietary requirements.

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Available during American Express delicious. Month Out. Drinks not included. Available on the booked timeslot.

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