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à la carte

Curated Degustation (no discounts or offers)

Six-course tasting
Eight-course tasting


Prawn & Calamari (gf)

Grilled. Curry leaf dust. (2 pcs)

Wagyu roll

Pulled Blackmore Wagyu (9+). Chilli. Salad. Roti

Crab (gf)

Toasted coconut. Rum. Betel leaf. (2 pcs)

Thosai roll (gf) (vg)

Lentil flour pancake. Pickled vegetables.

Calamari (gf)

Crispy. Chilli. Sprig onions. Bean paste.


Spiced fish. Cumin pastry. Smoked tomato sauce. (2 pcs)

Pan rolls (v)

Crumbed crepe. Root vegetables. Smoked tomato sauce. (2 pcs)


Fresh crumbed lamb patties. Minted yoghurt. (2 pcs)

Pork Belly Nuggets

Twice cooked. Spiced besan flour crumb. (2 pcs)

Spiced chips (v)

Hopper Station (Filled crispy rice flour pancakes)

Confit duck (gf)

Pickled pineapple. Chilli

Pork belly (gf)

Mango chutney. Green papaya.

Egg hopper (gf) (v)

Katta and coconut sambal.

Roasted mushroom (gf) (vg)

Coriander. Shallots. Carrot salad.

Devilled calamari (gf)

Mango. Lime. Chilli.

For yourself

Vegetarian nirvana

Three vegetables of the day. Red rice. Condiments


Your choice of aromatic meat curry (chicken/beef/pork/lamb). Two vegetables of the day. Rice, Condiments.

For the table

Crusted fish

Roasted. Crust of coriander. Green chilli. Lime. MP

Saffron prawn

Fragrant galangal. Lime leaves. Finished with a touch of saffron

Red Beef Curry

Beef chuck. Lightly roasted spices. Tomato. Chilli.

Prawn & calamari

Devilled. Roasted tomato. Chilli base. Medium to hot

Fish curry

Fresh local catch. Roasted spices. Curry leaves. Seafood stock curry. MP

Curried chicken

Lemongrass. Cardamom. Cinnamon. Clove. Curry.

Duck Maryland

Confit. Star anise, cinnamon, roasted pineapple and arrack.

Pork belly

Spice crusted. Rockmelon. Pickled papaya & coriander salad.

Black pork curry

Dark roasted spices. Coconut. Tamarind. Black pepper curry.

Jaggery Beef

Braised Blackmore Wagyu brisket. Jaggery. Roasted coconut.

Curried Lamb

Ground mustard. House-blended spices. Fresh Tumeric.

Vegetable and accompaniments

Asian greens

Warm tossed green salad.

Lentil baby spinach
Shredded vegetable of the day
Cucumber in yogurt
Mango chutney
Coconut sambol
Eggplant pahie
Additional vegetable of the day.

Hoppers, rice, roti

White basmati rice
Unhulled red basmati rice
Saffron rice
Plain hoppers
Godamba roti
Coconut roti
String hoppers



Steamed coconut custard. Coconut sorbet.

Coconut cigars

Coconut crepes. Spiced treacle.Cinnamon Ice cream.

Love cake

Semolina. Cashew nuts. Honey. Almond. Preserved pumpkin.

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