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A Kodak Moment If you’ve been to Mornington Peninsula and you haven’t been to this Arthurs Seat restaurant, then you better put that on your bucket list! This restaurant is perched on top of a mountain and enjoys a stunning 360-degree view. The cascading slope of vineyards and greenery makes way to the glittering blue ocean in the bay. It’s simply divine. There’s an outdoor seating area where you can enjoy a picnic-esque luncheon in the sun, and a warm interior with a casual minimalistic vibe. With foods to equal the views in greatness, Arthurs restaurant will surely satisfy your appetite. The menu is simple, with a small number of items that are made to perfection. We loved the duo of duck, which is a confit leg and breast combo, and a creamy mushroom ragu with crunchy pastry. Mornington’s Arthurs Restaurant is an experience you’ll want to remember, so be sure to bring the camera and a mate to photograph. The scenery’s incredible. Best dish: cauliflower scallops

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