About Baba Charlie

From Baba, With Love There’s plenty to love about King Street Wharf: not least of which is this budget conscious Malaysian diner. Catch a glimpse of the Pyrmont Bay wharves across the Darling Harbour docks from this waterside location and you’ll quickly realize you the million-dollar view is not covered in Baba Charlie’s affordable pricing. Heavily influenced by Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Thai and Arabian cuisines, Malaysian food is characterized by its generous dash of spices such as shrimp paste, chilli, lemongrass and galangal of which there is no short supply at Baba’s. Start your Baba Charlie dining quest by pick and mixing a range of appetisers such as Khanom Jeeb (steamed chicken and prawn dumplings), Larb Gai, Peking pancakes or the hot and sour Thom Yum Soup. For the uninitiated Malay food enthusiast with a hearty appetite, its hard to go past the exotically named main dishes of Kai Med Mamuang (chicken breast stir fried with cashews and sweet chilli jam), Belanchan (chilli shrimp infused green beans, kangong and eggplant) or Kapitan Kari fish. Best dish: Pulot Inti (steamed glutinous rice with sweetened fresh shredded coconut)

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