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Home baked confit garlic bread (V)
Tomato bruschetta pizza bread with garlic, parsley, and mozzarella cheese (V)(GA)
Mediterranean olives marinated in extra virgin olive oil and herbs (V)(G)
Mussels with chilli, garlic, white wine and napolitana sauce



Tomato base, cheese, roasted eggplant, capsicum, zucchini and onions (V)


Tomato base, cheese, prosciutto, cherry tomatoes, radicchio, buffalo mozzarella

Formaggi & Salumi (Please pick from our selection below - maximum 4 items per board )

Cheese & cured meat board

Primo Amore

Primo Amore : This exquisite cheese is infused with red wine from the Veneto region in Italy. It is absolutely delectable, due to the wine, that has penetrated it completely

Organic pepper and turmeric infused pecorino

This pecorino originates from the unusual and sought after combination of pepper and turmeric which gives it a strong, distinctive aroma

Verde capra

This is a blue-veined cheese a dry and wrinkly crust, with a amber grey colour. It’s paste varies from creamy to crumbly

Stracco di capra

This is a goat’s milk cheese slightly ripened and has a soft, elastic, straw-coloured consistency, with thin pinkish rind. Its texture is soft and crumbly


Wagyu Bresaola

Air dried beef leg

Capocollo dell’ Umbria

It is a dry-seasoned pork neck with salt, pepper, garlic and wine which is cured for 4-6 months


Penne Siciliana with smoked eggplant, ricotta and mint mousse, dried olives $24 in napolitana sauce (V)(GA)
Spaghetti with Wagyu beef bolognese, shiraz, parsley, and grated parmesan (GA)
Spaghetti with fresh market seafood in roma tomato sugo (GA)

Meat and Vegetable - Main Course

Stuffed eggplant with quinoa, sautéed vegetables, grilled asparagus, $34 sweetened balsamic, and mozzarella cheese (V)
Grilled chicken supreme with fresh king prawns on fresh avocado $38 and creamy tomato sauce (G)
Kangaroo served with warm barley and mushroom salad, $36 pickled beetroot, and red wine jus (G)
Braised lamb shank in a red wine sauce, chives and truffle potato mash, mushroom ragout, red wine jus and basil crisps

Seafood - Main Course

Marinated baby octopus with roasted rosemary potato, cherry tomatoes, $36 olives and balsamic reduction (G)
Grilled barramundi served with pea-mint puree, potato gratin, fennel - broad beans $39 salad, crispy pancetta, and red vein sorrel leaves (G)

Insalata - Salad

Beetroot & pumpkin salad with spinach, sheep feta cheese, roasted macadamia, $24 and honey balsamic dressing (V)(G)
Garlic prawn salad with roma tomato, avocado, mint, dill and lemon dressing (G)

Contorni – Sides

Plain bread (V)(GA)
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