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dined on Thu, 1 Aug 2019

Nice little place with tasty, basic food

dined on Tue, 23 Jul 2019

Chicken Schnitzel bagel with lemon, mayo, rocket and homemade crisps ($13.50, -50% off with The Fork Festival) — good crumbing and a tasty eat.

dined on Tue, 23 Jul 2019

The options for breakfast were quite limited, but the staff were nice and accommodating. House-made muffin was moist and freshly-baked. And it's a place you can come for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even nightcap.

dined on Wed, 28 Aug 2019

Simple menu good coffee

dined on Wed, 28 Aug 2019

always good food and services, very consistent!
Thanks so much for the great review! We aim to please and it's lovely when it is appreciated.
Adam Hofbauer, Bandit's Roost responded on Fri, 30 Aug 2019

dined on Wed, 7 Aug 2019

Thank you for a lovely service and the salmon plate was great. It’s very useful place in the City as not too crowded around 1pm. It would have been perfect if my booking via the fork was registered.

dined on Mon, 5 Aug 2019

Good salad and Hall.

dined on Thu, 1 Aug 2019

We booked last minute for the 50% off special. We usually take advantage of that offer to try lots of different things - but, they do it a bit differently at the Bandit’s Roost... The one meal each. Hmm, fine. We’ll get two boards. One charcuterie, one cheese. After a little while the charcuterie board arrived together with a serve of popcorn chicken. Errr.. we didn’t order a popcorn chicken. So I went up the the bar and let them know, they spoke amongst themselves angrily (awkward for me) and let me know it had been a mistake, the chicken was for the table next to us. So the server went over, took it from our table... and set it down for the couple next to us. Ehh, I wouldn’t have been impressed if I were them, but I’m not. All good. We ordered our food at 6:45. Forty minutes later, at 7:20, our cheese board arrived. What were the the even doing? I could see the cheese, in containers, stacked up behind the bar. Were they purposely making us wait? Anyway, the cheese selection was lovely, but it’s not as though they cooked it, so no credit there. Both boards came with a toasted rye bread, which was good, but there was also an odd... well how can I describe it - “spicy bread”. It was a crusty white bread of some kind, dusted and toasted with (I’m guessing) a paprika mix. The result... spicy bread. It didn’t go with the blue cheese. It didn’t go with the goats cheese. It didn’t go with the manchego. It didn’t go with the deli meats. I feel like it might just be a food the staff enjoy snacking on during service and they need a reason to keep making it, so it’s on the menu. At around 8:15 I was thinking we should order something else, but the clock was ticking. A server came over and asked us if we “were going to order any more food, and is it okay if we send the chef home.” Um, sure. Send him home. I guess we’re in charge now. We’ll go home too. And I’m not sure we’ll come back. Look, we had a good time and the boards were nice. It was just overall, a very odd experience.
Hi Liz, You are absolutely right. If that sequence of events happened to me, I wouldn't return either. And please believe me when I say that this isn't how we do things usually. Please accept my sincere apologies and an invitation to drink and dine on me. We were all of a sudden after a quiet month of "dry" July, inundated with thirsty patrons and also happened to have a brand new staff member on last night. In our defence, the one meal thing is just so we can look after everyone properly when it's busy. (Didn't work last night) And its at management discretion not a blanket policy. Please send me a message 0419418141 and we will look after you whenever is convenient for you to return.
Adam Hofbauer, Bandit's Roost responded on Fri, 2 Aug 2019
Hankin Chick

dined on Wed, 31 Jul 2019

Seemed a lot busier after work than before work. A popular hang out for business people.
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