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Bites/ entrée

Homemade steamed king prawn dumplings (4) (GF)

Steamed prawn dumplings made from potato flour

Spiced pork skewers (GF) (2)

Traditional grilled pork balls, house blend spices served with side fish sauce

Scallop banh beo (4) (GF)

A twist on the popular street food. Steamed rice cake wrap, local scallops, shallot, fried onion, pickled carrot. Side nuoc cham

In between

Cracker duck Salad (GF)

Roasted duck, carrot, green papaya, snow pea sprouts, mint, cucumber topped with ground roasted peanuts, fried shallots, chili flakes, and crushed sesame crackers

Crispy potato prawn salad

Golden brown potato strips wrapped around prawns, homemade fish sauce on a bed of salad, roasted peanuts, green papaya, cucumber, mint, basil, carrot, fried onion

Home-made red salt and pepper tofu triangles

Triangle beancurd house sauce concentrate, with onions, shallots, cracked pepper and red salt

Triple-cooked traditional quails (2)

Whole quails, house dry rub, lightly fried, wok tossed with salt and pepper, onion, served on lettuce bed, side salt-based dipping sauce (allow 10-15 minutes)


Vietnamese street-style meatballs (GF) (4)

Pork meatballs mixed with mushrooms, crystal threads, carrot, crushed peanuts, herbs, and chestnut filling

Lemongrass chicken curry (GF)

Chicken drumettes, cooked in a Vietnamese classic curry with potato, sweet potato, topped with roasted peanuts, basil (spicy)

Fresh market crispy whole snapper (GF)

Crispy skin whole snapper in ginger, chili, and garlic, condensed fish sauce (allow 20-25 minutes)

Stuffed boneless chicken (GF)

Golden brown deboned chicken stuffed with house-blend seasoned pork mince, side sesame plum sauce

The spicy lemongrass beef

Lemongrass chili marinade, sliced beef stir fry, julienne carrots, onion, coriander

Salmon claypot (GF)

Traditional-style caramelized salmon fillet approx. 200 g (skin on) in clay pot with herbs, cracked pepper

Duck 5-spice

Sliced marinated duck fillet, stir-fried with seasonal vegetables in a 5-spice master stock


Vietnamese fried rice (GF)

Traditional style, eggs, pork sausage, peas, corn, carrot

Seasonal vegetables (GF)

A mix of wok-tossed seasonal veg


Bottle of wine
Glass of wine
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