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Fine Dining Pedigree Bei Amici, meaning ‘beautiful friends’ in Italian, is most certainly a restaurant for friends to convene at one of the outdoor tables and take in the beautiful surrounds of Darling Point. It’s a Swiss-Italian restaurant with the kind of chutzpah to move beyond the calorific carb loading of its peers, fusing traditional European cooking with modern and seasonal produce in its fresh and enticing menu. There’s beetroot gnocchi, cured ocean trout and soft calamari fritti. Chef Felix Rutz adds his own twist on most of the dishes and manages to keep both the older Eastern Suburbs crowd and the young and trendy set satisfied. The dining space is friendly, familiar and oh-so-fitting for such a picturesque, tree-lined street. And, with staff that’s followed Rutz from state to state, it really does feel like a place for friends. Best dish: Nettle parpadelle, duck ragu, Sicilian olives and majoram

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