Menu Bistro Lamp Deux - Japanese restaurant

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à la carte


Edamame (gf / vg)

Boiled soy bean w/ sea salt

Chili soy bean (gf / vg)
Pork gyo-za (4p)

Healthy steamed pork gyo-za dumplings w/ citrus soy and chili

Miso chips (gf / vg)

Chips tossed w/ special miso sauce black sesame

Chicken curry cheese naan

Slow cooked chicken Japanese curry mozzarella cheese stuffed w/ crispy bread


Teriyaki wasabi chicken buns (2p

Steamed soft wheat bun w/ deep fried chicken w/ wasabi tartar

Spicy BaliI chicken buns (2p)

Steamed soft wheat buns w/ fried chicken w/ spicy sambal mayonnaise

From the Ocean / tataki / salad

Assorted sashimi platter (gf / 16p

4 kinds of chef’s selected sashimi

Chili salmon carpaccio (gf)

W/ garlic chili oil, Nori sauce, soy sauce

Tuna wasabi

Fresh soy marinated tuna sashimi topped w/ Wasabi tartar, seaweed and tobiko

Beef tataki (gf)

Quick grilled to make very rare beef tenderloin w/ citrus soy sauce, cheese, jus

Acai prawns Caesar salad (gf)

Fine cooked prawn and fine green w/ acai Caesar dressing and cheese

Healthy organic tofu, seaweed glass noodle salad (gf / vg)

Gluten free yam potato noodle, fresh tofu, seaweed and fine greens w/ citrus dressing

Main size

Okonomiyaki volcano / spicy sambal okonomiyaki volcano

Calamari volcano

Sukiyaki beef hot stone bowl (gf)

Slow cooked thin sliced beef w/ gourmet teriyaki sauce and egg on rice

Grilled teriyaki eel hot stone bowl

Grilled teriyaki eel w/ egg and glazed teriyaki sauce

Sizzling vegetarian salad rice (gf / Ask vg)

Seasoned mushroom, seaweed salad, teriyaki vegetable

Sizzling chili chicken hot stone bowl (gf)

Spicy chicken, egg, vegetable on rice


Okinawa style sizzling spicy udon champuloo


Japanese curry

Beef Hamburg patty curry in a tajine pot
Pirates of Japanese curry in a tajine pot
Bistro teriyaki chicken

Served w/ tempura vegetable and salad

The miso katsu sizzling

Deep fried crumbed chicken w/ premium red miso

Bistro chicken katsu don

Cheese omelet w/ panko crumbed chicken w/ teriyaki on top

Melted cheese chicken katsu curry bake
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