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Meet the Chef

Samuel Cole originally from Wollongong, Australia is only 31 years old with a professional career of over 14 years panning over 5 countries and luxury super yachts. Samuel has worked in 3 hat restaurants and 2 michelin star restaurants abroad. Outside the kitchen he has spent 10 years of his life travelling to enjoy food and cultures around the world. The surf and travel loving chef has now returned to his home country Australia to show his experiences in food and culture.

Restaurant menu

Chef Samuel Cole recommends…

Cured wagyu beef

Marble score 5+, truffle crème, rosemary ponzu dressing, pickled mushrooms

Kingfish sashimi

Yuzu-honey vinaigrette, grilled spring onion, wasabi-avocado puree, pickled ginger

Beef tartar

Caper berries, pickled daikon, shiso, yuzu kosho, horseradish cream, furikake

Ratings & Reviews

based on 481 reviews
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Quality of food :9.1/10
Service :9/10
Setting :8.8/10
  1. Rebecca M.
    Rebecca M.
    • one review

    We were a party of 5, one of which was a 10 year old kid, and they made us get a tasting menu. stating “any party greater than 4 has to get the tasting menu”. When I made the reservation no where did it mention that requirement. We got the tasting menu and the first few items came out extremely fast and then there was too long of a gap between the smaller items and the mains. Then the larger items came out in “family style” portions which we had to divvy up ourselves which we found frustrating. if you’re going to require your quests to do a tasting menu it should be served that way. After getting the 8 course tasting menu that we were made to get, coursed out and timed by their staff, they had the nerve to rush us at the end and ask us to leave our table as the other party was waiting. Ridiculous. If you’re going to make you’re guests get tasting menus. Time out the reservations appropriately. When we got home I went online and reviewed their tasting menu policy and it states that for partys of 6 or more! Extremely frustrating experience, we won’t be back.

  2. Lee L.
    Lee L.
    • one review

    Well presented food. Staff are very friendly. It’s a good tasting experience ($85 per adult). Needed 2 hours to finish our dinner, a bit too long with the kid.

  3. Tian H.
    Tian H.
    • one review

    Dishes are nicely presented and taste good. The raw beef dish would be even better if the stringy bits were removed and the meat was more tender. Matching wine portion was generous, could be more carefully chosen to compliment each dish more specifically. 4 matching wine with 8 dishes - expected each dish to have its own specifically matched beverage. Oyster was more powerful than the Sake, raw beef didn't really match to Sake. The exclusive Shiraz was a let down (and had to be reminded to provide when main course came). Staff was friendly and some are rather knowledgeable.

  4. Mey S.
    Mey S.
    • one review

    Had the Blanca Eight. First 5 dishes were absolutely amazing but I wasn't too impressed with the lobster tempura or the beef brisket. Batter on lobster tempura was very thick and chewy (reminds me of sticky rice). Beef brisket was on the salty side and quite dry. Staff and service were amazing.

  5. Laura A.
    Laura A.
    • one review

    Loved everything about Blanca. Food was amazing, service stellar and decor understated and modern but welcoming. Black bub was next level!!!

  6. Stefania M.
    Stefania M.
    • one review

    Outstanding. We went for the 10 course tasting menu - excellent!

  7. Aron L.
    Aron L.
    • 17 reviews

    Always delicious interesting food at Blanca.

  8. Jess T.
    Jess T.
    • 19 reviews

    Great flavours. Had 9 dishes altogether of which 6 were delicious! Recommend the beef sesame leaf, kingfish sashimi and potatoes. Rather small portions however, especially if you are sharing in a group of 4+.. Service was pretty average/not particularly friendly or attentive which was the let down.

  9. Annabel L.
    Annabel L.
    • 4 reviews

    The food was delicious and came out so quickly! The waitress was also fab, she gave us great recommendations about what to eat and was so attentive. Cocktails were great too!

  10. Maria J.
    Maria J.
    • one review

    Brilliant ! Love this place and the flavours they combine in their exquisitely presented dishes

  11. Carol T.
    Carol T.
    • one review

    Food at Blanca was so delicious! Everything was amazing! Highly recommended! Lobster, octopus and scallops were the favourite dishes. Would come back again

  12. Theresa P.
    Theresa P.
    • 12 reviews

    Great food Very slow service waiting from course to course. Two and half hours for degustation with little information given to patrons about the timing. Preference was given do some familiar patrons. Wonderful deserts.

  13. A A.
    A A.
    • 289 reviews

    Consistently excellent under-rated

  14. A A.
    A A.
    • 261 reviews

    Great food, drinks and service

  15. A A.
    A A.
    • 261 reviews

    Great food, really enjoyed everything we ordered - brisket dumplings, ginger oysters, tartare, kingfish sashimi, kimchi croquettes, potatoes, hangar steak, and the soft shell crab bao.

  16. A A.
    A A.
    • 275 reviews

    Great drinks menú ! The food items we chose were a little too sweet/rich.

  17. Theresa P.
    Theresa P.
    • 12 reviews

    Exquisite food with extraordinary flavours The service and surroundings first quality for this restaurant An excellent choice for a week end dinner

  18. Wayne C.
    Wayne C.
    • 2 reviews

    It was lunch on quiet Friday afternoon. The booking warned that we might have to leave after 2 hours but we were there for 4 hours for a long languid lunch with the service timed perfectly. The matching drinks were good & generous. I was with a friend who's under a bit of stress & it was perfect.

  19. Rebecca I.
    Rebecca I.
    • one review

    Absolutely divine

  20. A A.
    A A.
    • 260 reviews

    Great Japanese food

More information

How to get to the restaurant

Shop UG04, 75-79 Hall Street, Bondi Beach, 2026, Bondi Beach, Australia

About the restaurant

For bookings for Valentine's Day, please follow the link to our website blanca.com.au/reservations, call us on +61 2 9365 2998 or email us on info@blanca.com.au to make a reservation.


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