Very good
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  1. Alexander S.
    Alexander S.
    • 9 reviews

    The dining room is not very pleasant sorry. It is vast and open with poor lighting making it feel a little like a classroom. There were only three tables including us and it was very loud because of this layout. I can’t imagine how loud it would be if full. I would suggest investing in some sound damping. The naan was fresh and toasty but the biryani was the least flavourful I’ve had. I certainly would expect a lot better for Indian that’s priced at the high-end.

  2. Maria N.
    Maria N.
    • 2 reviews

    Very poor ambience, place has such a potential but there's no love & thought put into it. Food edible but blant. Garnish looked like it has been reused (radish).

  3. Leon C.
    Leon C.
    • 7 reviews

    Food was bland and dissappointing. Service was not great.

  4. Sabrina U.
    Sabrina U.
    • one review

    Great Indian food with lovely staff nestled in the heart of Double Bay! Don't be fooled by the curry served in small bowls, it is sure to fill you up with spicy goodness.

  5. Pamela H.
    Pamela H.
    • one review

    Good food and service. Portion sizes were perfect with good naan.

  6. Leanne D.
    Leanne D.
    • one review

    Overall a bit disappointing. Presentation good. Portion size are quite small, just as well we ordered three dishes plus rice and Naan bread. smallVeg Korma was one dimensional. Eggplant Aloo too oily. Veg Breyano was the star dish. Naan wasn't cooked for l9ng enough tasted raw dough.

  7. Anastasia  P.
    Anastasia P.
    • one review

    The food was amazing and the portion Sizes were great for sharing! Would recommend the onion Bhaji and Samosa for entree and the butter chicken, eggplant and beans for main! Great food

  8. Kelvin C.
    Kelvin C.
    • one review

    The staff were amazing and friendly and the naans and tandoori are really fresh and tasty. But the serving sizes for the curries are quite small and when I asked for a coke, I was served a glass of flat cola as the restaurant serves half cans of soft drink (or as much as they can fill their glass with) and leaves the other half sitting at the bar table. Overall, it was a decent experience with fairly good food and great customer service. It was just lacking in terms of how they do business.

  9. Min C.
    Min C.
    • 62 reviews

    Great as usual.

  10. Mark S.
    Mark S.
    • 27 reviews

    I loved all the dishes & Presu was super friendly. A true gem in Double Bay & 50% off is Amazing! The quality's second to none. I would highly recommend Bukhara.

  11. Sean S.
    Sean S.
    • 7 reviews

    Delicious food, a gem in double bay.. entree platter was amazing and chicken chedinah was creamy & tasty

  12. Samantha F.
    Samantha F.
    • 5 reviews

    I’ve always loved the choice and quality of the food here. Perfect atmosphere for a relaxed evening.

  13. A A.
    A A.
    • 264 reviews

    Terrific food, definitely not your "run of the mill" Indian. Very friendly staff and management. Thank you for a delicious meal!

  14. Patrice d.
    Patrice d.
    • 25 reviews

    stil0l good but not as good as before

  15. Dan D.
    Dan D.
    • one review

    One of the best curries I have had in Sydney!

  16. A A.
    A A.
    • 287 reviews

    Portions a bit small, lamb kebab was quite good

  17. A A.
    A A.
    • 262 reviews

    We booked dinner through The Fork for 30% off. We actually wanted to go to another Indian restaurant on York st but it a hustle to go to the city. We had Papadums and condiments plate to start with. We put every condiment on papadum and eat. I don’t know if we suppose to put all (chutney, mint yogurt and tomato&onion salad) on papadum but it tasted so good together. For main we had chicken tikka masala and Goan fish curry. The fish was quite fishy then I found out later that it was Ling fish. Masala sauce was a bit weak. The portion is too small for the price. In fact the portion was good but the price was too much. Overall we have 3 out of 5.

  18. A A.
    A A.
    • 259 reviews

    generally the food was nice, the portions a little slow. We had to ask for water a few times, service was slow to start.. they were quick to take our plates away while still eating....

  19. A A.
    A A.
    • 278 reviews

    The Onion Bhaji was outstanding!

  20. A A.
    A A.
    • 271 reviews

    I used to rate this restaurant 10 out of 10. The food was always very good and consistent. Sadly no more. The tandoori kings prawns are not they way they used to cook them. The prawns were also very small and frozen cooked in what seemed to be a seeded mustard sauce. Just awful. Lamb Rogan Josh the meat used to be so tender and melt in the mouth and lots of thick sauce... sadly no more. Also pappadums are always over done - on the burnt side. What a shame as I was a regular at this restaurant for years and sorry to see that it is no longer the best Indian in Sydney. Bring back the great food it once was!