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Spring pea guacamole & corn chips (gf/ve)

Blue corn tortilla chips served with a house guacamole made from spring peas, jalapeno Peppers, coriander, lime juice, mint, lime Zest, garlic, cumin & red peppers.

Blue corn loaded chilaquiles (gf/ve)

Pepper, vegan cheese, pickled jalapenos, Green onion, spring pea guacamole, radishes, Coriander and salsa verde.

Chorizo & chimichurri choripan

Toasted potato bun with mild smoked Chorizo, chimichurri, salsa criolla, mozzarella, And pico de gallo.

Yucatan plantain croquettes (vg)

Traditional yucatan mashed plantain and raisin Croquettes served with a tomato salsa.


Mushroom, asparagus & leek quesadillas (gf/vg)

Blue corn tortilla, filled with jalapeños, garlic, mushrooms, asparagus, leek and mozzarella cheese Served with a pico de gallo salsa.

Sweet potato, chorizo & sweet corn quesadillas (gf)

Blue corn tortilla filled with sweet potato, chorizo, sweetcorn, spring onion, jalapeño, oregano,

Carne chilli arepas with guacamole & cheese (gf)

Traditional colombian bread with beef, garlic, onion, brown sugar, ketchup, chilli, cumin, paprika And cheese, served with spring pea guacamole.

Black bean & plantains arepas(gf /vg)

Traditional colombian bread with black beans, garlic, cumin, plantains, jalapeño, coriander, Cheese, served with spring pea guacamole.

Traditonal carne empanadas

Chilean pastry filled with beef, onion, capsicum spring onion, olives, a red wine reduction, served

Spinach & mushroom empanadas (gf/ve)

Colombian pastry filled with spinach, mushroom, potatoes, served with a salsa verde.


Taco fries (gf/vg)

Taco seasoned fries, served with a house-chipotle Mayo.

Chipotle quinoa salad With guacamole (gf/ve)

Vegan quinoa salad with corn, red bell pepper, Cherries tomatoes, black beans, red onion, fresh Coriander, spring pea guacamole, fresh lime juice, Chipotle peppers, rice wine vinegar, agave nectar And cumin.

Elote loco (gf/vg)

A mexican-style street corn; corn kernels tossed With fresh lime juice, mayonnaise, sour cream, Garlic, queso fresco, chilli, cayenne pepper, Coriander.

Globe artichokes with chipotle mayo (vg)

Fried globe artichokes seasoned with salt, lemon Juice, dry white wine, ground black pepper, Served with a house-chipotle mayo.


Alfajores (vg)

Traditional south american sandwich cookie filled With dulce de leche and served with home made citrus Mascarpone and cinnamon.

House-made banana- coconut ice cream (vg)

Sweet & fresh house-banana & coconut

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