About Chur Burger

The burgerlords The ‘best burger in Sydney’ is a highly contested topic, but if you ask around we’re pretty sure most people would put Chur Burgers in their top 10. These guys are serving a winning combo, burgers and beer, and they execute both with flair. Using tasty, fresh ingredients the team at Chur have created a serious following and the key is its simplicity. There are six burger to choose from, in addition to some sides and a few milk shakes - but that’s it. Meat lovers will go crazy for the pulled pork burger which comes with Chur BBQ sauce, red slaw and fennel mayo, while vegetarians will love the spiced chickpea fritter with grated beetroot and honey labne. These guys are the ‘burgerlords’ so come check it out. Best dish: grilled beef, cheese, tomato, jam, mustard mayo, pickle.

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