• à la carte

à la carte

Charcuterie table

House smoked duck rillette, capers, cornichons
Farmhouse pate, crispy artisan breads, drunken figs
Barossa double smoked ham, mustard pickle
An array for sliced cured meat, condiments, accompaniments

Slider and soft taco station; create your own combination

Petite brioche, American potato slider buns, tortillas
Selection of cheese, pickles, relishes
Ranch, aioli, chipotle bbq sauce, hot sauce, mexican salsa, liquid cheddar, House smoked & pulled beef brisket, pork shoulder, garlic rosemary lamb, marinated chicken
Slaw, roquette, lettuce, shaved onion, fresh sliced tomato

Hot buffet

Cheese kransky, sauerkraut, seeded mustard
Chicken souvlaki, tzatziki, toasted pita tabouli
Char grilled rump steak, onion jam, red wine jus, baked potato
Spicy mexican beans, black rice, guacamole, sour cream
Paella, chorizo, mussels, prawns, saffron baked rice
Dukkah salmon, orange labne, sauteed greens

Salad selection

Traditional potato salad, garlic aioli, spanish onion
Ale house caesar, smoky bacon, shaved parmesan, croutons, cos
Garden salad, danish feta, kalamata olives, semi dried tomatoes, roasted red peppers, marinated bocconcini
Quinoa, kale, pecans, dried cranberries, cucumber ribbons


Selection of local and imported cheese, quince paste, lavosh, grissini, dried fruit, mixed nuts
Assorted petite pastries, desserts, fudge, slices, cakes
Seasonal fruit platter, double cream, berry coulis

Our Starters

Garlic Cheese Pizza (V)(GFA)
Fire Wings (GF)

in american buffalo glaze (minimum order 10 wings)

Sweet Onion Crostini (V)

slow-cooked onion jam, sherry, thyme, herbed chevre, grilled filone loaf & toasted hazelnuts

Grazing Board

hot smoked salmon, pickled octopus, grilled barossa chorizo, marinated feta, chef's selection of pickled & marinated vegetables, marinated olives, toasted artisan bread, aged balsamic, extra virgin olive oil & dukkah

Tapas Share Platter

dip, pita, marinated olives, grilled barossa chorizo, marinated lamb, smoked chicken thigh, salt & pepper squid, fried haloumi, condiments & relishes

Dips Plate (V)

house made trio of dips & toasted pita

From the pizza oven

Potato bacon (GFA)

bacon, red onion, potato, napoli sauce, mozzarella & rocket

Mediterranean chicken (GFA)

chicken, pesto, feta, sundried tomatoes, red peppers, napoli sauce & mozzarella

Salty pig (GFA)

bacon, prosciutto, salami, ham, pepperoni, napoli sauce & mozzarella

Spicy Prawn (GFA)

prawns, chilli, red peppers, baby spinach, napoli sauce & mozzarella

Vegorama (V)(GFA)

kalamata olives, mushroom, baby spinach, red peppers, red onion, fresh tomato, oregano, napoli sauce & mozzarella


marinated lamb, fresh tomato, red onion, napoli sauce, mozzarella, tzatziki & shredded iceberg

Sicillian (GFA)

salami, anchovies, fresh tomato, red onion, mixed herbs, napoli sauce & mozzarella

Our salads

Spring greens (VE)(GF)(DF)

mixed lettuce, snow peas, spring onion, cucumber ribbons, granny smith apple & french vinaigrette

Bittersweet (VE)(GF)(DF)

shaved fennel, ruby grapefruit, red onion, dill, orange, dried cranberries, baby spinach & seeded mustard vinaigrette

Ickle pickle (V)(GF)

house pickled candy beets, toasted walnuts, snow pea tendrils & marinated feta

Rice noodle (VE)(GF)(DF)

glass noodles, julienne vegetables, fragrant herbs, toasted cashews, shallots, black sesame seeds & chilli palm sugar dressing

Our street food

Classic beef burger (GFA)

beef patty, bacon, american cheese, lettuce, tomato, aioli, brioche bun & chips

Grilled chicken burger (GFA)

chargrilled chicken breast, smashed avocado, aioli, tasty cheese, lettuce, brioche bun & chips

Vegan chickpea burger (VE)(DF)

chickpea lentil patty, mango chutney, lettuce, red onion, vegan mayo, potato bun & sweet potato fries

Loaded sweet potato fried

bacon, sour cream, liquid cheddar & spring onion

Cuban sandwich (GFA)

smoked pulled pork, shaved barossa ham, seeded mustard, swiss cheese, pickles, toasted ciabatta & chips

Club sandwich (GFA)

grilled chicken, bacon, tasty cheese, smashed avocado, tomato, lettuce, aioli, toasted white loaf & chips

Chilli chiken nachos

shredded chilli chicken, tortilla chips, spicy black bean salsa, smashed avocado, sour cream, liquid cheddar & jalapeños

Soft shell taco trio (DF)

- hot smoked salmon, mango salsa & julienne vegetables - smoky bbq beef brisket, slaw & aioli - pulled pork, spicy plum sauce, crispy shallots & coriander

Our signature

Lamb Skewers

marinated lamb shoulder, house made hummus, grilled pita & petite greek salad

Mushrooms risotto

porcini, field & swiss brown mushroom, arborio rice, vegan cheese & basil pesto

Salmon panzanella

pan-fried atlantic salmon, filone loaf, cucumber, tomato, red onion, extra virgin olive oil, avocado purée & cilantro dressing

Yellow chicken curry

poached chicken breast, thai-inspired yellow curry broth, steamed greens, glass noodles & julienne vegetables

Yoder smoker for one

pulled pork, beef brisket, cheese kransky, sticky bbq chicken thigh, marinated lamb skewer, memphis rubbed pork ribs, chips, slaw, aioli, chimichurri & slider buns

Our seafood

Salt & pepper squid (DF)

lightly dusted, chips, garden salad, lemon & tartare

Seafood duo (DF)

salt & pepper squid, coopers pale ale battered fish, chips, garden salad, lemon & tartare

Beer battered fish (DF)

coopers pale ale batter, chips, garden salad, lemon & tartare

Panko crumbed prawns

chips, wasabi mayo, wakame salad & lime

1kg black mussels (DF)

sautéed mussels, white wine, fresh tomato, fragrant herbs, onion, garlic & toasted ciabatta bread

Our sides

Chips (V)(DF)


Wedges (V)

sour cream & sweet chilli

Onion rings (V)

ranch sauce

Garden salad (VE)(GF)(DF)
Sautéed greens (VE)(GF)(DF)

extra virgin olive oil, salt & pepper

Sweet potato fries (V)(DF)


Roast vegetables (VE)(GF)(DF)

extra virgin olive oil, salt & pepper

Steak & Schnitz

Rump 300g
Rib eye 350g
T-bone 400g
Chicken or Angus beef schnitzel

chips, garden salad & your choice of gravy, dianne (GF), mushroom (GF), pepper (GF) or red wine jus (GF)(DF)

Made for sharing

Yoder smoker share platter

pulled pork, beef brisket, cheese kranskys, sticky bbq chicken thighs, marinated lamb skewers, memphis rubbed pork ribs, chips, slaw, aioli, chimichurri & slider buns

Seafood share platter

crumbed prawns, salt & pepper squid, coopers pale ale battered fish, house smoked salmon, pickled octopus, chips, salad, tartare, aioli & lemon

18'' King size pizza

double smoked barossa ham, red peppers, kalamata olives, mushroom, fresh tomato, onion, napoli sauce & mozzarella

Our desserts

Vanilla brûlée (V)(GFA)

house made vanilla brûlée, macerated berries & chocolate wafers

Gourmet ice cream (V)

scoops of chocolate, cookies & cream, rum & raisin, boysenberry & vanilla bean ice cream, chocolate fudge, wafers, crushed nuts, raspberry coulis & whipped cream

Decadent baci torte (V)(GF)

double cream, espresso syrup, rum & raisin ice cream

Coconut yoghurt panna cotta (VE)(GF)

mango pineapple salad & passionfruit syrup

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