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à la carte


Soup of the day

Chef's special choice.

Seafood chowder

Appetisers (small)

Garlic pizza bread
Antipasto del re

A combination of tantalising starters.

Calamari fritti
Cozze alla siciliana

Fresh Mussels cooked in Napoletana Cream Sauce.

Shrimp cocktail

Pasta ( main)

Penne mafioso

Tubular pasta in a bacon, garlic, chilli and Napoletana Cream Sauce


Pasta rolled in a tube­like manner and filled with Beef and Spices

Tortellini alla panna

Rings of Pasta filled with Minced Chicken, Served in a Ham.

Spaghetti carbonara

Pizza ( L)


Mushrooms, Salami, Ham, Bacon, Onions, Capsicum, Shrimps and Olives.

Sette soldi

Mushroom, ham, Pineapple and Onions.

Quatro stagioni

Mushroom, Ham, Salami and Shrimp


Mushrooms, Onions, Capsicum and Olives


Tuna, Shrimp and Anchovies.


Mushrooms and Bacon.

Meat dishes

Scaloppine avocado

Scaloppine with Avocado, Mushrooms, Wine and Cream

Scaloppine parmigiana

Scaloppine Schnitzel toped with Ham, Cheese and Napoletana Sauce

Bistecca alla crema

Tender Eye Fillet in Cream, Cracked Black Pepper and Napoletana Sauce

Pollo pizzaiola

Pan­fried Chicken Breasts topped with Napolitana Sauce, Olives, Capsicum and Mushrooms.

Fish Dishes

Gamberoni inferno

King Prawns served with Garlic, Wine, Chilli, Spicy Herbs and Napoletana Sauce

Pesce frangelico

Pan­fried Fillets topped with Frangelico Liqueur, sliced Banana and sliced Almonds in Cream Sauce.

Calamari friti

All fish dishes are served with vegetables

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