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Daily dumpling
Son in law eggs

Crispy vermicelli, nori, tamarind V

Sichuan fried chicken wings

Dried chilli, vinegar, lemon GF

Sweet potato noodle spring roll

Blackbean & peanut sauce V

Coal charred pork sparerib

Dainty’s sticky sweet marinade, pickled carrot & daikon salad

Thit nuong pork belly lettuce cups

Fresh herbs, nuoc cham GF


Salt & pepper squid

Cabbage slaw, peanut ginger sauce GF

Soft shell crab

Green papaya, tomato, chilli bok sauce GF

Crispy homemade silken tofu

Shitake, enoki, oyster sauce V GF

Wood ear mushroom

Vegetable mix, greens, soy V GF


Celery, lychee, sesame seed salad V GF

Chinese greens

Sambal V GF


Charred rice

Chicken, in-house pickled mustard greens, shitake, nori V GF

Massaman curry

Rolled shaoxing ginger chicken, cherry tomatoes, greens GF

Soy ginger beef rump

Spiced pineapple, chilli, black pepper sauce

Whole steamed fish

Soy broth, fresh herbs (allow 20 min from time of ordering) GF

White pepper pork broth steamboat, (gluten free but for light soy)

Cloudy soup, pork spare rib, goji berries, tofu, enoki mushroom, greens GF

Hor fun noodle

Egg sauce, beef flank, greens V

Wok fried egg & rice noodles

Baby squid, candied pork belly, bean sprout, garlic chives, chilli jam V


Sweet soy ice cream

Deep fried bread bun, caramel popcorn

Fried milk curd

Chocolate ganache, condensed milk, fresh berries & fruit

Tea tarik pannacotta

Back tea jelly, sugar foam, biscott

In-house roasted meats

Roast duck 350g / 700g (on the bone)
Crispy roasted pork 150g / 270g GF
Char siu barbeque pork 150g / 270g

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