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à la carte

From the street

Chutney & naan platter to share

cumin-spiced yoghurt, house made chilli sauce, date and tamarind, pickled mango, mint and coriander, sweet mango

Papadums from top to bottom

A flight of papadums and chutneys from all over india

Papadi chaat

The motherland’s version of nachos and salsa, popular deli street food

Beef tartare

From the pots

Unauthentic butter chicken

Yoghurt marinated chicken, tomato, Ginger, garlic and fenugreek curry

Coconut seafood curry

Turmeric, mustard seed and coconut curry

Short rib korma

Fresh curry leaves, cardamom, coriander, Coconut and cashew curry

Lamb shank curry

Slow cooked shank, house roasted spices

Pork neck vindaloo

A goan/portugese/australian dish

Naan pizza

Chilli Margarita
Spiced prawn and garlic
Tandoori chicken
Blue cheese and herbs
Masala paneer

From the tandoor

Tandoori chicken

Marinated in spiced yoghurt 3/6 pieces

Grilled summer prawn

Pineapple and jalapeño chutney, yoghurt and Salad 2 prawns

Aussie lamb chops

Raita and mint chutney, curry fries and salad 4 pieces

Whole market fish
Tandoor o’connors rib eye 350gms

Fries and curry sauce

On the side

Aged basmati sella rice

Cumin and lemon

Onion salad

Desi style with green chilli and lemon


Yoghurt, roasted cumin, persian cucumber

Naan basket

Plain, garlic and chive or sesame and onion seed


Cumin-spiced yoghurt, chilli hot sauce, Tamarind, pickled mango, mint, or sweet mango

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