• à la carte

à la carte

Lunch menu


Crispy duck Caesar, bacon, croutons, soft egg, baby cos, Parmesan and French dressing

Soup, pastry & pasta

French onion soup, sourdough, butter

Small plates

Escargots au gratin ½ dozen


Croque monsieur, salad leaves, pickled shallot

From the pot

Ratatouille, raclette, shallot salad, sourdough


Steak & fat chips, grass fed sirloin 350g with your choice of; café de Paris butter, bearnaise or pepper sauce

Dinner menu

Bar plates & charcuterie

Pissaladière (French style onion, olive & anchovy pizza) (VO)
Pork scratchings (GF)
Fat chips, mayonnaise (GF)(VO)

Starters / salad

Salmon fillet cured with local gin, dressed fennel & honey mustard (GF)
Prawn & salmon fish cakes, dill mayonnaise
Escargots au gratin or classic ½ dozen (GO)

From the pot

Beef cheeks braised in sherry, mashed potatoes, bacon lardons, sautéed mushrooms
Ratatouille, baked brie, salad leaves (V)(GO)

From the pan

Braised lamb shoulder cassoulet, blue cheese rarebit (GO)
Roast salmon fillet, peas, bacon, baby cos, toasted almonds, hollandaise (GF)
Steak & fat chips, grass fed 300g scotch fillet or 350g sirloin with your choice of butter, bearnaise or pepper sauce (GF)


Warm green bean salad, parmesan, capers, lemon (V)(GF)
Cauliflower au gratin (V) 1
Mixed leaf salad, raspberry & shallot vinaigrette (V)(GF)

Something sweet (V)

Crème brûlèe warm madeleines (GO)
Tarte du jour vanilla bean ice cream
Nougat parfait, raspberry, salt caramel (GO)
Passion fruit & goats cheese ice cream (GO)
Boozy hot chocolate (GF)

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