About El Karim

As a long time lover of food, Fadi Constantine started working in restaurants at the ripe old age of 14 in Beirut. Combined with his rich heritage and his mother’s recipes that could give many chefs a run for their money, El Karim encapsulates his love of food and delivers the beauty of traditional Lebanese cuisine with warmth and pizazz. Expect dishes like slow baked lamb with sticky pomegranate molasses, fresh and fragrant bowls of fattoush and platters of smoky baba ganoush and labni (with plenty of pita to mop up with!). As with most Middle Eastern haunts, come in hungry and bring all your friends - you’ll want to try some of everything. Best dishes: Honey and zaatar calamari, Pomegranate lamb and finish with Zalebieh (Lebanese doughnuts with dates and banana toffee)

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