About Epocha

European Fantasy Dining at Epocha feels like you’re eating with family. Why? Because owners, Guy Holder and Angie Giannakodakis are so heavily invested in the business, and visibly present and passionate, that it doesn’t feel like just any old dinner, at any old restaurant. It’s more than that. It’s special. Situated in a prime possie, opposite the Carlton Gardens, this European eatery combines charming informality, razor sharp attention and service, and perfect timing, in every regard, to deliver a top notch dining experience. The euro flare is alive and well and noticeable as you climb the wide stone staircase which takes you from the dining room into Hannah’s Bar upstairs, an adjoining, spacious open-air balcony that lends itself to casual drinks, small plates and lengthy conversations with friends. Epocha’s interior decor is a mix of soaring ceilings, steel chandeliers, unpolished floorboards and weathered timbers, mixed with wooden tables, green wicker chairs and floral vintage crockery. It gives a sense of romance, and tradition. After sitting on the sidelines for so many years, watching as others created their dream restaurant, hospitality veterans, Guy and Angie took a leap of faith, and have pulled off their very own European restaurant fantasy.

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