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Crispy pork with sweet & sour sauce

Deep fried battered pork with vegetables with homemade sweet & sour sauce

Cashew nut chicken (cbgf)

Stir fried with chilli paste and vegetables, topped with roasted cashew nut

Beef salad (gf)

Grilled beef salad, tossed in a dressing of lemon juice, chilli sauce, corlander, red onion, shallots, cucumber and tomato

Waterfall salad (gf) (pork salad)

Grilled pork salad, mixed with lemon juice, chilli powder, corlander, onion, mint leaves and homemade toasted ground rice

Massamun beef (gf)

Traditional Thai mild curry with stewed beef, potato, onion, mixed Thai herbs

Jungle lamb curry (gf)

A popular lamb Thai curry with no coconut milk, this distinctive ful taste comes from green pepper corns and other fresh Thai herbs

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