About Fine Fish

Martin’s Seafood has been providing aquatic fare to some of Sydney’s most established and awarded restaurants for more than 30 years. Doyles and Tetsuya’s are just two of a long list of establishments serviced by the wholesalers. In March 2007 Martin’s opened Finefish restaurant. This face-of-Martin’s provides guests with a selection of market-fresh fare served in minimal, contemporary surroundings. The meals here are also devoid of the heftier bills delivered to your table post-meal at some of the big-name eateries supplied by the wholesaler - a definite bonus. Between the hours of dawn and dusk, diners at Finefish select dishes from the specialised lunch menu. The daytime choices fall into the lighter end of the serving-size spectrum when compared to their evening counterparts. Items such as salmon burgers and chowder feature as popular selections. Once the sun sets, the daytime choices are replaced with a more extensive night-time menu. Sydney rock oysters served Kilpatrick feature alongside barramundi on a bed of green lentils and topped with a salt cod-stuffed zucchini flower. By all accounts, the servers here are friendly and efficient.

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