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à la carte

Barbeque and cold appetizers

Fried barramundi crackling - Dried and fried skin of wild barramundi tossed in spicy salt
Cucumber in Chinkiang vinegar

Smashed cucumber and garlic in black rice vinegar


Marinated jellyfish with sesame dressing

Dim Sum selection

Seafood soup dumpling

Large dumpling of handpicked mud crab, scallop, prawns, woodear mushroom and bamboo shoots in superior chicken broth

Mud crab siu lung bao
Scallop siu mai (each)


Pear meat

Paspaley pearl meat sautéed with spring onion, garlic chives and asparagus

Stuffed boneless garfish

Fillets of garfish stuffed with a vegetable filling and served with shiitake mushroom sauce

Baked crab shell

Handpicked mud crab, and onion cooked in a creamy turmeric sauce and oven baked in a blue swimmer crab shell


Double boiled soup of the day

Sea conch soup with goji berries, wild yam, dried longan, ginger

Crab and spinach soup

Hand picked blue swimmer crab, spinach and egg white

Crab and mish maw soup

Hand picked blue swimmer crab, fish maw and egg white


Sea scallops (8pcs)
King prawns (6pcs)
SA calamari (large)

Poultry and meats

Peking duck (2pcs)

Roast duck, wrapped in pancake with cucumber, spring onion and plum sauce

Crispy skinned chicken

Fried chicken served with lemon juice and spicy salt


Thousand leaf tofu

Thinly sliced tofu with sauté vegetables, mushrooms and a spinach sauce

Eggplant in spicy salt (3pcs)

Fried eggplant in spicy salt stuffed with carrots, yam, pine nuts and served with crispy enoki mushrooms


Yeung chow fried rice

Special fried rice with prawns, BBQ pork, egg, asparagus and spring onion

Conpoy fried rice

Fried Rice with dried scallop, egg white and spring onion


Pork with crispy egg noodles

Crispy egg noodles with shredded pork, bean shoots and snow peas

Braised E-fu noodles

E-Fu egg noodles braised with shiitake mushrooms, bean shoots and garlic chives


Fresh fruit platter

Daily selection of fruit

Strawberries with ice cream

Fresh strawberries with Rickett’s Point vanilla ice cream

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