About Gaijin Japanese Fusion

Looking for Japanese that literally blows your mind? Gaijin Japanese Fusion turns up the heat with dishes like Dynamite Udon, a concoction of baked and chopped imported scallops with egg, tobiko, udon noodles and, of course, a tongue-tingling spicy mayo sauce. But it’s not all about spice at Gaijin, which takes its status as a contemporary "fusion" restaurant very seriously. Executive chef Toar Christopher brings years of experience from across the Asias and United States, even trained by celebrity chef Shigeo Yamane. His unique twist on traditional Japanese staples like sushi, tempura and udon injects some ingenuity into the Gaijin menu, which also features dishes like the signature coconut crunch salmon roll, the Big Bang crab stick, and the Spider vs Dragon roll, featuring soft shell crab and unagi. Are you ready for a fusion experience?

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