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Gateway mix

A mix of our best entrees served on a platter. Serves 2

Vegetarian or meat samosas

Your choice of seasoned vegetable or meatfilling in a curry puff, gently fried until crisp and golden

Chicken pakoras

Fillets coated in a seasoned batter and gently fried until golden brown. Served with mint sauce

Garlic or chilli prawns

Succulent prawns sautéed in your choice of a garlic or chilli gravy, served on a bed of aromatic rice

Fish pakoras

Fresh fish fillets basted in our chick pea batter, infused with mint, lemon and spices. Fried golden

Traditional Mains


A popular North Indian curry made with a delicate blend of spices, yoghurt and cashews creating a rich creamy texture


A South inspired dish prepared with garlic, turmeric and chilli with a soft coconut base

Rogan Josh

A bold and aromatic dish cooked with ground fried onion, paprika and fresh corianderfor a rich finish.


A staple Indian dish known for it's spice and seasoning. Available from a mild base to very hot spice


A true Punjabi delicacy prepared with a spinach and herb gravy, sauteed in your choice of meat

Gateway Favourites

Butter chicken

The traditional favourite curry that can be enjoyed by all. A lighter take on the creamy Punjabi delicacy

Muglai chicken

A royal dish traditionally enjoyed by the Mughals. With a slightly bolder base, this aromatic curry is a staple in North Indian households.

Chicken tikka masala

Our very own version ofthe renowned dish, created from a mildly seasoned tomato base combined with a creamy cashew touch.

Chilli chicken

Our succulent chicken marinated and cooked in a Punjabi stirfry with fresh capsicums, onions and in house made chilli gravy

Mango chicken

An exotic dish created with a mango base, slowly infused with the right amount of spices to leave a rich but smooth taste.

Vegetarian Dishes

Malai kofta

Homemade kofta balls containing lightly seasoned potato and paneer mixture, sautéed in a rich and mild cream based gravy

Karahi panner

An authentic North Indian dish cooked with fresh paneer cubes and simmered in a crisp vegetable base

Dhal Saagwala

A delicious lentil curry blneded with a spinach base over a slow fire until rich in texture

Mixed vegetables

A simple North Indian dish with seasoned vegetables and aromatic spices

Matter paneer

A subtle creamy paneer dish, cooked with mild spices and seasoned peas

From the Tandoor

Tandoor chicken - Full

Our whole chicken marinated in a special tandoori mixture, baked succulent, then served on our sizzling platter w. mint sauce

Tandoori chicken - Half

Half chicken marinated in a special tandoori mixture, baked succulent, then served on our sizzling platter w. our homemade mint sauce

Chicken tikka

Succulent boneless chicken pieces marinated in our special basting w. mint sauce

Tandoori platter

An array of our most populartandoori dishes, cooked and then served on a sizzling platter w our homemade mint sauce

Sheek kebab

Spicy lamb kebabs cooked in our own spice mixture, baked and sliced into portions

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