1. JANE H.
    JANE H.
    • one review

    We had a terrific table at the front, excellent. Jew of the course with good service. A simple but adequate buffet. Nice atmosphere and family friendly.

  2. A A.
    A A.
    • 273 reviews

    Bland buffet. Sweets were average

  3. Tina F.
    Tina F.
    • 3 reviews

    Love goin on friday nights for the trots. Great buffet...sooo much food !! Good quality too and lovely staff

  4. A A.
    A A.
    • 271 reviews

    Seating was poor at best. Food was at least better than Steelos, although only just, wouldn't have advertised this as Chinese, adding noodles doesn't make food Chinese. View was only good if you were informed or stumbled on the outdoor area and realised it was available for patrons, there was no view from most tables. The big round tables are more fit for a wedding were you are forced to sit with rellies you don't know. Staff were confused most of the time, would pay to do an induction prior to patrons arriving, as patrons would more likely return to a venue with reasonable service. That said Gloucester Park has at least changed from the disgusting mess it was in the past, much cleaner and more inviting, a long way to go.

  5. Andrew D.
    Andrew D.
    • one review

    Great view of the track and decent food

  6. A A.
    A A.
    • 290 reviews

    Great Service, Need more variety of drinks

  7. Roslyn C.
    Roslyn C.
    • one review

    Surprisingly fabulous night out. Lovely venue, great staff and very good value food and drink. Would recommend to anyone looking for something a little different

  8. David B.
    David B.
    • 10 reviews

    Would like the on line buffet description to actually reflect the food available

  9. Tracey D.
    Tracey D.
    • one review

    Definitely will return here. Come to Race meetings a lot, first time in this restaurant.

  10. Kath F.
    Kath F.
    • one review

    I was disappointed on the cooking of the food, Brussel sprouts were raw, and served alongside overcooked cabbage. Pumpkin had no caramelization, and was bland. The buffet was limited selection wise, but generally well presented. It was just the presentation and cooking of the vegetables that let the hot section of foods down

  11. A A.
    A A.
    • 266 reviews

    Great night. Good choice of buffet food. Booking and waitstaff were all very good.

  12. Jan V.
    Jan V.
    • 15 reviews

    A fun evening of harness racing. Good selection of food and wine, friendly and helpful staff, great views over the racetrack.

  13. DEIRDRE M.
    • 22 reviews

    I couldn't really decipher what the deluxe package had over the house package.