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Natural Local Rock Oysters / 1/2 dozen
Cold Cut Cucumber with Garlic Sauce
Fried Mixed Entrees / 3 kinds in a serve
Country Style Edamame Soybeans
Salmon -Sashimi


Bird’s Nest Soup with Crab Meat
Bird’s Nest Soup with Shredden Chicken
Fish Head Bean Curd Vegetable in Soup
Crab Meat & Sweet Corn Soup
Hot and Sour Soup

Hot pot

Seafood and Bean Curd Hot Pot
Sizzling Chicken Hot Pot
Beef Brisket and Tendon with Turnip Hot Pot

Live lobster

Steamed Lobster with Supreme Sauce - marketprice
Deep Fried Lobster with Salt and Pepper - marketprice
Braised Lobster with Ginger and Shallot - marketprice


Sliced Live Abalone in Steam-boat - marketprice
Stir Fried Abalone Slices with Vegetables - marketprice
Steamed Abalone with Ginger and Shallot - marketprice

King and mud crab

Mud Crab with Ginger and Shallot - marketprice
Mud Crab Szechuan Style - marketprice
Steamed Mud Crab - marketprice

Catch of the day

Live Prawn - marketprice
Live Parrot Fish - marketprice
Live Barramundi - marketprice

Prices and dishes may change.
These prices do not include offers.

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