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  • à la carte

à la carte

Starters and plates to share

Oven baked garlic bread
Trio of dips



Beetroot, feta, quinoa, cucumber, onion + baby rocket tossed with a lime dressing

Pear, rocket + parmesan (GF)

Pear, rocket, parmesan + walnuts tossed with a lime dressing

Caesar salad


Hampstead beef burger

100\% beef patty on a toasted bun, sliced tomato, lettuce, dill pickle, tomato sauce + aioli , served with chips

BLT sandwich

Grilled bacon, sliced tomato, lettuce + aioli on white sliced bread, served with chips

Chicken sandwich

From the wok

Pork sambal

Stir fried pork + Thai vegetables, served in a chilli sambal sauce

Black pepper beef

Marinated beef tenders + Thai vegetables, served in a black pepper sauce

Pad Thai noodles

Famous thin rice noodles served with egg, tamarind, tofu, bean sprouts, coriander, lime + crushed roasted nuts

Thai pineapple and cashew (GF)

Vegetables, pineapple + roasted cashews, served in a traditional Thai style sauce

Choo chee (GF)

Vegetables served in a mild creamy coconut curry sauce, garnished with kaffir lime + basil leaves


Beef or chicken

Served with chips

Hampstead steaks

Eye fillet 180 gm (GF)
Fillet Mignon 250 gm (GF)
Scotch fillet 300 gm (GF)

Pub classics

Fish + chips
Spaguetti Carbonara
Grilled herbed chicken (GF)
Vegetarian lasagna

Seniors menu

Spaguetti bolognaise
Crispy fish + chips


Fried icecream
Lemon curd tart

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