About Hartsyard

Eat your heart out at Hartsyard... For American owner and chef Gregory Llewellyn, the Newtown neighbourhood was the perfect place for his first restaurant on Australian shores because of its excellent mix of Venice Beach, California and New York vibes. Perch up in the front bar area while you read the drinks menu and it will become blatantly obvious that Greg spent time in New York: think Manhattans and Jamaican Mules. Out the back, Hartsyard can hold 36 diners and it’s quite often filled with a young, lively, local crowd. From finger-lickin' oyster po' boys (deep-fried oysters and coleslaw in muffin buns) to chunky smoked beef ribs and double-crunchy fried smoked chicken with low-country sausage gravy and biscuit (a dreamy scone), Hartsyard dishes up some tasty modern American fare for all to enjoy. Not only that, the produce is seriously fresh with herbs and greens coming from the greenhouse out the back and veggies harvested from a garden not far away. Best dish: the poutine: a Canadian-style kebab with oxtail gravy, fried potatoes, crispy beef threads, cheddar and beer sauce.

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