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à la carte

Wee bites

Haggis balls

Panko crumbed balls of haggis with sriracha mayo

Popcorn chicken (gf)

Crispy chicken with jalapeño mayo

Cauliflower fritters (v)

Crispy cauliflower bites shaved parmesan with mayo

Tattie scones (v)

Tattie scones with sour cream and spring onions

Mac n cheese balls (v)

Crispy mac'n'cheese balls with sriracha mayo

Black pudding

Rob's local black pudding pan fried with hp sauce

$1 chicken ribs

With sriracha mayo

Che'fs share platter


Hand cut chips with hp mayo (gf)
Seasoned fries with jalapeño mayo (gf)
Mint and chilli coleslaw (gf)


Chunky steak pie

Chunky homemade steak pie w salad, Relish & hand cut chips

Caesar macgregor

Mixed leaves, croutons, shaved Parmesan, anchovies, egg & bacon

Mac n cheese (v)

Macaroni & cheesy béchamel W grilled cheese

Fish & chips

Basa fillets in scottish ale beer batter W fries, salad & house tartare

Panko chicken

Crispy panko crumbed chicken w chilli & mint slaw, fries & jalapeño mayo


Thick cut haggis w hp sauce, Hand cut chips & salad

Soup of the day

Ask our staff for today’s variety Served with dench sour dough


Deep fried mars bar and ice cream
Vanilla ice cream


Wee bastard

Whisky bbq sauce, brioche bun & seasoned fries


Spiced wagyu beef pattie, cheese, bacon, leaves, Tomato relish & mayo, brioche bun & seasoned fries

Flying scotsman

Crumbed chicken w mint & chilli coleslaw, cheese, mayo, Brioche bun & seasoned fries

Mcmushroom (v)

Portabello mushroom w goats curd, house pesto, Leaves, fresh tomato, brioche bun & seasoned fries


Crispy fish, mint & chilli slaw, leaves, house tartare, Brioche bun & seasoned fries


Black pudding, fried egg, bacon, leaves, sliced Tomato w hp mayo, brioche bun & seasoned fries

Fat bastard

Double wagyu beef pattie w double cheese, house pickles, Whisky bbq sauce, mustard, brioche bun & seasoned fries

Scotland the brave

Pan fried haggis, square sausage, cheese, bacon, leaves, Hp sauce & mayo, brioche bun & seasoned fries

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