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An Italian Neighbourhood Gem Trattoria is an Italian style eatery, less formal than a ristorante yet more formal than an Osteria (Italian style tavern). Food is modest, fresh and plentiful, reminiscent of family dinner - and who doesn’t love a meal that tastes like it was cooked by mum. This neighbourhood gem serves top notch Italian food every night of the week that sends feelings of warmth and happiness with each twirl of scrumptious spaghetti. Mouthwatering dishes on offer are mostly Sicilian influenced, with prawns and crab real stars on the menu, reflective of the cuisine of the Mediterranean island. . But it’s not simple a seafood spread at iLPasto – red meat lovers and vegetarians alike will find something to delight their taste buds. If it’s not your local already, you’ll wish iLPasto was a restaurant on your block… Best dish: spaghetti with prawns and mussels

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