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Sides & Condiments

House chutney

mango ginger, carrot pickle, mint

Onion salad

Vegetarian entree

Beet kachori

Crispy beetroot puff filled with mung sprouts, potato, chickpeas and mint yoghurt served with mango ginger chutney.

Samosa potli

Savory pastry filled with paneer, peas and potato with mango ginger chutney

Hare channa tikki

Potato patties filled with green chickpeas served with fresh mango ginger chutney.

Non-veg entree

Carrot basil chicken tikka

Chicken marinated with pickled carrot & basil yoghurt.

Murch do raha

Chicken cubes, marinated with cheddar and pomegranate, cooked in Chargrilled.

Bhatti murgh

Tender tandoori chicken infused with, burnt garlic and pepper cooked in clay oven


Goan fish

Barramundi fish flavoured with mustard and kokum in a coconut gravy.

Prawn lasuni masala

King prawn wok tossed with fresh garlic, red chillies and capsicum.

Prawn hara masala

King prawns sautéed in mint, coconut puree and green chilli.


Butter chicken

Chicken thigh tandoor-cooked with cashew & fenugreek flavoured tomato sauce.

Kadai murg

Chicken morsels in a bell pepper and homemade kadai masala.

Chicken tikka masala

Tandoori chicken tikka in a bell pepper and pearl onion-tomato masala.

Lamb & Goat

Laal maas

Lamb simmered with whole spices, yoghurt and red chilli.

Braised lamb shank

Slow cooked with freshly ground herbs, spices and chillies.

Sindhi methi gosht

Slow-cooked goat with cinnamon & fenugreek leaves and aromatic spices. served on the bone.


Pindi channa

Garbanzo beans slow-cooked in aromatic house spices.

Dhaniya aur pudina aloo

Stir fried potatoes with royal cumin, asafoetida and hand crushed coriander

Subz jugalbandi

Stir fried vegetables tossed with fragrant ginger and spices


Chicken biryani

Layers of perfectly cooked chicken and rice, fresh mix of herbs and caramelised onions, served with raita.

Goat biryani

Basmati rice, herbs, spices cooked in simmering heat, served with raita.


Saffron rice

Saffron steamed basmati rice

Jeer rice

Rice tempered with cumin, fresh coriander.

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