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Chef suggestion

Betutu (duck)

Spiced dish wrapped in banana leaves, steamed then grilled

Pork knuckle stew

Pork knuckle marinated with herbs and spices then stewed until tender



Pork and prawn mince with herbs and spices steamed and served with peanut sauce

Jimbaran sausage

Pork, minced prawn and fish mince with herbs and spices, wrap with tofu skin steamed then deep fried and served with sweet chili sauce

Martabak telur

Deep fried beef pancake with pickled cucumber

Side dish

Krupuk bawang (V)

Deep fried garlic crackers

Rempeyek (V)

Deep fried crackers with peanut

Roti (bread)

Traditional crispy bread, yet fluffy on the inside

Sambel ulek

Fresh chili and shrimp paste sauce


Sup iga sapi

Optional: stewed, grilled or fried beef ribs soup with carrot, celery and potato served with fried onion

Sup buntut

Optional: stewed, grilled or fried Ox tail soup with carrot, celery and potato served with fried onion

Rice & noodles

Nasi goreng (prawn)

Indonesian fried rice served with a side dish of crac

Grill dishes

Cumi bakar

Grill calamari served with chopped chili, onion and tomato in sweet soya sauce relish


Asinan jimbaran (V)

Salad with bean sprout, tofu, cucumber in sweet and sour peanut sauce

Gado-gado (V)

Steam mixed vegetables and tofu served with home-made peanut sauce

Fried dishes

Ikan pesmol

Fried snapper cooked with sour sauce then garnished with herb

Stir fried

Kangkung cah terasi / taoco

Morning glory stir fried with belacan / soya bean


Lamb cutlet curry (4 pcs)

Lamb cutlet served in curry sauce

Sayur lodeh (V)

Indonesian style vegetarian curry

Vegetarian selection

Gado-gado (V)

Steam mixed vegetables served with home-made peanuts sauce

Sayur lodeh (V)

Indonesian style vegetarian curry


Ice coconut

A melt in your mouth dessert with the unmistakable flavour of mascarpone blended with full bodied cream milk and deep rich coffee with a hint of liqueur

Es cendol

Traditional green jelly drink with coconut milk and palm sugar

Mango delight

Mango delight enhances the exotic taste of fresh tropical mango by encasing pure mango gelato and a chocolate ball centre in fine white chocolate

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