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  1. A A.
    A A.
    • 309 reviews

    Superb attention to details and presentation Craft sushi maker!

  2. Jolene T.
    Jolene T.
    • 4 reviews

    The quality of food here is excellent. This is a great omakase place with high standards and hard to find something like this in Melbourne. The restaurant is small but no fuss. Everyone sits on the bar counter like it should be for omakase. Highly recommended.

  3. Richard G.
    Richard G.
    • one review

    We've come here regularly since Kakizaki opened. The quality of the sushi is amazing and always varies with what's best on the day. The personal service not to mention the saki available keep us coming back time after time.

  4. Nicole Y.
    Nicole Y.
    • one review

    Great food and value for money

  5. Anh N.
    Anh N.
    • 6 reviews

    Feels like we're back in Japan again, it was great to sit at the counter and watch the chef work. Not cheap, but pretty good value considering what you get. My friend and I had a great night!!!

  6. Ho Wah N.
    Ho Wah N.
    • one review

    Fantastic selection of fish. Nice little touches all throughout the meal with every piece of sushi and in between. Would definitely came back again.

  7. Lynn T.
    Lynn T.
    • 3 reviews

    Amazing experience and great food!

  8. A A.
    A A.
    • 262 reviews

    We had a lovely dining experience for a first time to Kakizaki. Our guests thoroughly enjoyed it too...very fresh delicious food, good sake choices & decent portion. Will be back!

  9. A A.
    A A.
    • 257 reviews

    Sushi were very bland.

  10. Vi B.
    Vi B.
    • 2 reviews

    Have been here a couple of times now. The service and quality of food is absolutely amazing. Staff are polite and attentive. One of the best experiences I've had.

  11. A A.
    A A.
    • 258 reviews

    We will be returning - but not for a while . :)

  12. A A.
    A A.
    • 280 reviews

    great experience

  13. Wai C.
    Wai C.
    • one review

    Great night out with friends for a bday. . Delicious food + great service

  14. A A.
    A A.
    • 251 reviews

    outstanding service.

  15. Elliot R.
    Elliot R.
    • 5 reviews

    This is serious dining. The food's the thing. Mostly when we go out to dinner it's a social thing and although we enjoy the food it is not central to the event. People pay attention to what they are eating. It is quiet, people do talk, discuss, argue whatever but the meal is not interrupted by raucous laughter and loud conversation. Definitely fine dining for foodies.

  16. Will C.
    Will C.
    • 2 reviews

    This is not the common ordinary sushi bar. This is serious place to experience the culture and culinary journey. In general, the cost is at the pricey range however it's absolutely worth it. If you're genuinely serious with your culinary experience this is a place not to be missed.

  17. A A.
    A A.
    • 288 reviews

    Really enjoyed spending time there. The dinner was around 2 hrs long and definitely worth the experience!

  18. Ryuji N.
    Ryuji N.
    • 38 reviews

    Nice Sushi course restaurant in inner suburb, small restraint with huge counter bar, they are tiny enough for all dinner can expect attention to detail service from server. Nice Sushi but not the best in Melbourne.

  19. A A.
    A A.
    • 255 reviews

    great atmosphere

  20. A A.
    A A.
    • 255 reviews

    Really high quality eating experience