About KL Kitchen

Under the Hibiscus This is a classic little Kuala Lumpuran eatery. If you have ever been to Kuala Lumpur, you’ll recognise the kind of place this is. There are hundreds of them in that grand old city. You’ll find this one in the relatively quiet (quiet for King’s Cross) little restaurant precinct around Llankelly Place. Just look for the sign with the hibiscus flower. Immaculately clean, the decor inside has a sleek but cosy, modern Malaysian tone. There is also a lovely alfresco area where you can watch the passing denizens of King’s Cross go about their daily doings. The contemporary Malaysian cuisine is beautifully prepared and presented by friendly, helpful wait-persons who will probably be children of the cook. The menu begins with a great variety of Dim Sum style steamed dumplings. Aficionados of the steamed dumpling won’t be disappointed here. There is also a great range of classic Malaysian and Chinese cuisine all cooked by "Mama" in the kitchen at the back. Best dish: Mongolian Spiced Lamb.

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