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Peru Comes to Randwick This cute little restaurant on Avoca Street in the middle of Randwick is introducing the delights of Peruvian cooking to the unsuspecting palates of Sydney. That is unless you happen to be a member of the Peruvian community in Sydney, in which case you’ll be coming here because it’s where you can experience all the old flavours of home cooking. Peruvian cuisine has access to a wonderful array of South American spices and La Cocina Peruana import theirs directly from the home country. One Peruvian staple that you will find on the menu is Ceviche, a seafood dish traditionally made from fresh raw fish steeped in lemon or lime juice, onion and garlic and Peruvian spices including Aji, otherwise known as Amarillo chilli. Another of the traditional Peruvian dishes on the menu includes Cordero de los Andes, Peruvian lamb chops, delicately grilled and served with rice, yuccas and quinoa salad. Best dish: Arroz con Mariscos.

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