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Chaat - bombay ki sadko se

Papri Chaat - Palak (D)

One of the most popular Chaat dishes, combining lightly fried battered spinach, combined with potatoes and chickpeas in a refreshing yogurt sauce

Gol Goppa (G)

Delicious crispy mini-sized pooris (hollow bread shells) filled with potatoes and chole (spicy chick peas) served with spiced water

Pani Puri Chaat

Tasty mini crispy pooris (hollow bread shells) with spicy mint, diced potatoes, beans and tamarind sauce

Samosa Chole Chaat

Vegetable fried samosa topped with chickpeas and garnished with spicy chaat yogurt and tamarind juice

South Indian corner - dosa


Thick round pancake topped with tomatoes, onion, capsicum and green chillies

Plain dosa

A thin crisp, golden brown pancake

Masala dosa

Thin, golden brown crisp pancake filled with spiced potatoes

Paneer dosa
Keema dosa

Thin crisp pancake filled with spiced minced lamb. Perfect for those who love meat!

Banquets (minimum 3 person)

Budget meal (price per person)

Consists of Vegetable Samosa, Butter Chicken, Rogan Josh and Mixed Vegetable

House special (price per person)

Consists of Mixed Entrees, Butter Chicken, Rogan Josh, mixed vegetable and Dal

Last train to Bombay (price per person)

Mini Masala Dosa, Murgh Malai, Palak Ke Kebab, Butter Chicken, Rogan Josh, Mixed Vegetable and Dal


Consists of four Entrees and four Main Curries including Seafood

Special lunch banquet

Starters - Papadums, samosas , Main - Butter chicken, mixed vegetables, dal makhani, rice and bread

House specials/samplers/thalis

Saag/Makke de roti (lunch only)

A traditional Indian dish with green vegetables and corn bread - a meal of the ‘who’s who’ of the famous Punjab province

Chole Bhature (lunch only)

Exotically spiced chole (spicy chick peas) served with two lightly fried bhatures (bread). One of the most popular dishes from Punjab

Mixed platter / Murgh malai tikka (each)
Vegetarian Thali

4 curries, rice, papadums, breads & condiments

Non- vegetarian thali

2 veg curries, 2 non-veg curries, rice, papadums, breads & condiments

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