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Mixed olives
Potted bread, dukkah, EVO
Bualo milk burrata, fennel, miso, gazpacho, crustini crumb
Broccoli and snake bean yuki gomi, black sesame, tomato, furikake
Salad of trued cauliower, crispy brussels, parsnip crisp, horseradish emulsion
Wild trout tartare, pued rice, sorrel, pickled plum dressing
BBQ Fremantle octopus, smoked potato, bacon, chive, kasundi pickle
Grilled Fremantle king prawns, sweet heirloom carrot, furikake
Sashimi of yellowtail kingsh, spiced green tea shitake noodle, mushroom, bonito, furikake
Ricotta gnocchi, scallops, spanner crab, baby squid, beurre noisette
Salmon, cauliower, tahini yoghurt, onion, walnuts, coriander
Madras curry of Snapper, heirloom tomato, tamarind, fried beans
Wagyu skirt steak, fries, smoked black garlic & true butter
Eye llet (Angus, 200g), crisped risotto, caramelised onion, aioli, jus
Wagyu boneless short rib (mbs5), cauliower, morel jus
8hrs braised & roasted spring lamb shoulder, cauliower cream, charred broccoli, red wine jus


Mixed leaves and herb salad
Shoestring fries

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