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  1. Hung D.
    Hung D.
    • 3 reviews

    We had 2 chicken dishes and both were over cooked to the point where it’s like dehydrated meat extremely dry. The mains also took 30 mins to come out after the entrees. The bruschetta was really nice a great balance between crunch, acidic and sweet so it was a shame the main was disappointing.

  2. Emily R.
    Emily R.
    • one review

    Best service we have had at a restaurant. Good is amazing and great prices. Highly recommend. The staff are so friendly and accommodating. Can't wait to come back again

  3. Chloe S.
    Chloe S.
    • 12 reviews

    Wagyu meatballs and risotto was good. Lamb was overcooked and dry. Attentive service and booked through The Fork with discount but discount had to be requested and not automatically applied.

  4. Catherine  T.
    Catherine T.
    • 14 reviews

    Foods are average. Welcoming service is good but the waiting time for the foods to come is too long at we have been waiting for 40 mins for our mains to come and there are only 2 tables of people waiting for their foods before us. We also have hard time to seek attention. This will be our first & last time there.

  5. Samantha a.
    Samantha a.
    • one review

    Wow where do I start. First of all, I never review a place unless there has been more than one bad experience, or the experience is amazing and I give a shout out to the restaurant. First, part of our group arrived 5 mins before the booked time. The other few were on time. Staff out the front were trying to lure them in with a free bottle of wine, not knowing they were with us. Fair enough if the restaurant wasn't full or they'd had lots of staff. We ordered about 20 mins into arriving. Lemon lime and bitters drinks came out. Watery as anything and we struggled to drink them. Then we waited about 20 mins for entrees, which was fine. Bruschetta was the worst we had ever eaten, with a few tiny pieces of flavorless tomato and no olive oil on the bread.....? It was then an hour wait to get our mains. Guy next to us came in after us but got his meal first. He complained that he had to wait over an hour to get his food and that his main and entree came out together, when our meals finally arrived the group loved their veal scallopine. 10/10. However one plate had no sauce on top of it which they had to correct, Risotto was tasteless and not authentic at all (all staff we saw were not Italian, but indian). Dessert was another letdown. The sticky date pudding seemed to be a packaged one bought from Coles with ice cream on the side, tiramisu was not authentic and tasteless, when the bill arrived we had to split it and the mineral water, which was priced at $7 on the menu, was $8.90. I questioned this, waiter said they no longer have the $7 bottle, that's it's now $8.90. Nowhere in the menu was there $8.90 mineral water! Seems this restaurant is using the cheapest ingredients, cutting corners and cheating customers on price, we won't be back and all agree that we are surprised they are still in business, extremely disappointing experience.

  6. Sean B.
    Sean B.
    • 3 reviews

    First impressions were good, the restaurant has a nice atmosphere. I ordered the seafood platter to share and was told there were no oysters and would be offered more of the other seafood to make up for it. Our dish arrived 1 hour later with everything except the baybug and after asking where the baybug was, I was told it wasn't available and they would offer me more prawns instead. We waited another 10 mins to have a small plate of 3 tiny prawns thrown on our table without even an apology for not having mentioned that the baybug wouldn't be available with the dish. If I had known the baybug wouldn't be available as well as the oysters, I wouldn't have bothered to order the meal. The service was terrible, there was no transparency on the meals and very poor compensation for an expensive part of the seafood platter. On a side note, the meals are all too expensive even with the discount we received through the fork. Me and my family will never be returning here again!

  7. Wen C.
    Wen C.
    • one review

    Tasty food, we ordered two pastas and one pizza, all taste good. Food came out quick too. Very good service too, highly recommended. HINT: Sit outside for fresh air.

  8. Joanne K.
    Joanne K.
    • 2 reviews

    Great food and value with the 50% off. We only noticed one chef in the kitchen so we were worried (we had a group of 10) but all the food came out at the same time. This place didn’t have any Italians working but the food was pretty good.

  9. William L.
    William L.
    • 26 reviews

    Love the food very much, lamb cutlets, rip-eyes, garic bread, all delicious and tasty. we will definitely come back and try other stuffs next time!

  10. Nathanial T.
    Nathanial T.
    • 7 reviews

    The food was well cooked and fresh. The seafood platter is a good size for two and the calamari was particularly good. Their fries were excellent with great seasoning. The salad could have been a little more inventive but was ok The staff were attentive and welcoming and the street side eating was appreciated

  11. Michelle S.
    Michelle S.
    • one review

    Food is average. I wouldn’t be as harsh to say it’s bad, i would have been dissapointed if I hadn’t got the meal on a discount. All in all of your looking for a cheap midweek restaurant it has a nice atmosphere outside in the footpath on a sunny day. They could do with cleaning the bathroom.

  12. Susan C.
    Susan C.
    • one review

    The wait staff were committed, responsive and helpful. Food ranged across our table from very average to excellent so patchy is the best description. The decor was definitely a bit ordinary with plastic plants on the tables.

  13. Karen D.
    Karen D.
    • 9 reviews

    Couldn't fault. Service and food were excellent. Great value for money with the fork discount.

  14. Helen Z.
    Helen Z.
    • one review

    the food is good, staff are friendly and welcome, the table setting alright, lygon street had a lot of bikkies running during that time, suggest to seat inside the restaurant.

  15. Puz N.
    Puz N.
    • 31 reviews

    Ordered the gamberi pasta and salmone pizza. The pasta was delish, sauce was well incorporated with the spaghetti. Pizza was ok, base lacked flavour but not bad.

  16. Gordon W.
    Gordon W.
    • 17 reviews

    Overall we had a very pleasant evening. The service was good, the atmosphere pleasant and the food well presented. The garlic prawns were excellent although the flesh of the Morton bay bugs was a little dry and somewhat difficult to get from the shell.

  17. A A.
    A A.
    • 255 reviews

    The food was good.Staff had no idea what the "FORK FESTIVAL discount is.

  18. A A.
    A A.
    • 268 reviews

    I know its summer, but you really do need a wine cellar - you can't serve Shiraz (or any red wine) at 25 degrees, especially if you are charging $60 or more a bottle... red wine needs to be looked after. We actually asked for the second bottle to be put in a fridge for 10 minutes, so we could drink it.... The food was actually good, but without any air conditioning on a hot night, it wasn't a wonderful experience...

  19. A A.
    A A.
    • 283 reviews

    Very friendly staff and accommodating for our group of 9.

  20. A A.
    A A.
    • 268 reviews

    Great food, friendly staff!

  21. Sally F.
    Sally F.
    • 40 reviews

    Great mussels & excellent house Chardonnay

  22. Jesse T.
    Jesse T.
    • one review

    This was my 5th time coming here and always better then the last.

  23. Mathew C.
    Mathew C.
    • one review

    It was a great night out, Lots of foot traffic

  24. A A.
    A A.
    • 253 reviews

    Wasn’t open despite booking :(

  25. A A.
    A A.
    • 272 reviews

    Great service, bathrooms were there, beautiful atmosphere for Valentine's Day