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"Ever since moving to Melbourne from the history-rich, culture-filled Palermo, Alessandra D’Angelo has been committed to bringing the flavours of the land of the sun to the world capital of hospitality. After the outstanding success of her pioneer establishment in the CBD Maccaroni Trattoria Italiana, the Sicilian chef has dedicated her creativity and talent to her new project. Welcomed by the stylish and warm atmosphere, at Maccaroni Osteria Italiana, you will embark on a journey through the vast diversity of Italian cuisine. As should be expected from a true Italian chef, the restaurant’s focus is on the exquisite menu that extends from the traditional to the modern, while keeping loyal to the authentic Italian flavours. Her creativity and skill have further rewarded in the creation of a separate, completely vegan menu. Keeping with her vision of authenticity, the vegan options maintain loyalty to the flavours and quality of the classic dishes, creating a new concept that she has named ‘Veg-Italian’. Just like the old osterie in Italy, Maccaroni Osteria Italiana is designed to be a gathering point for friends and family, both vegan and not, to enjoy each other’s company over a handmade meal, the true Italian way"

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