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The Brilliant Bistro Do you feel like going all out on a big feed? Maybe you’re on a budget at the moment? Malvern Vale Hotel bistro can accommodate any sized wallet! The retro-style dining area is cosy and inviting, it’s a place to bring the whole family without a fuss. Kids and seniors love it so no hassle there. Grab a delicious filling parma for a bargain, or a creamy and divine beef and reef if you can spend a bit extra. The pastas and risottos will never let you down, with favourites like Spaghetti marinara just bursting with delicious sea fare. You’ll have to get dessert, like the delicious Spanish churros and the housemade chocolate tart. This place really does value for your buck when you consider that kiddies get free icecream. They’ve got a bottle shop out the back, and have an excellent selection of beverages, from wines, to beers, spirits and beyond to suit your dining experience. Best dish: beef and reef

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