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Gol Gol Gappa

A contemporary twist on a classic street food delight. Crisp pastry filled with spiced chickpea and potato, served with tamarind and amchur caviar

Crab Uttapam

Rice and lentil pancaked topped with blue swimmer crab, sprinkled with fresh green chili, coriander, ginger and crunchy wellow split pea


Seasoned Hervey Bay scallops seared with fennel oil and served on a bed of lotus root and beetrootroot power

Tilli prawn

Crystal bay tiger prawns sautéed in sesame oil, ground aromatic spices, black pepper and finished with sesame seeds

Mini tandori zucchini
Fish malai

Lightly marinated market fish fillets tenderly roasted and served with the four signature chutneys of Indian cuisine

Bharrah kebab

Lamb cutlets marinated with yogurt, garlic, ginger, lemon juice and red spices


Crystal bay tiger prawns marinated in turmeric tandoori spices


Beef Korma Zaer Shai

Tender cuts of beef cooked with onions, tomato, garlic and dried chilli, finished with a rich cream and cashew paste

Paneer Sag

Spicy spinach and homemade spiced cheese

Baingan Takatak

Smoke-roasted baby eggplant mashed with onion, tomato and chilli prepared on the traditional "tawa" hotplate


Cauliflower pan cooked with coriander seeds, served on potato espuma and toasted cumin

Kaju Ki Sabzi

A preparation of cashew nuts sautéed with mixed spices, served with caramelized onion

Bombay Aloo Methi

Whole baby potatoes with fenugreek toasted cumin, mustard seeds and curry leaves

Dal of the day

Lentils blended with clarified butter, green coriander, served with shredded ginger

Rice and bread

Garlic naan
Paneer Kulcha


Kaala Jamun

The classic Indian doughnut, soaked in sweet syrup spiced with cardamom and served warm with rose ice cream

Chai creme bnrulee

Our signature dessert of milk dumplings, soaked in saffron & cardamom milk reduction served with ground pistachio

Apple Jalebi

Crispy green apple fritters coated in a fragrant saffron and rose flavoured syrup

The dessert samosa

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