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Food :7.6/10
Service :7.4/10
Setting :8/10
  1. Dianne J.
    • one review

    Sadly, 3 of the 6 meals were cold, how can this be? Do they plate up too early waiting for the meat? Desserts, apart from the pav, were awful. Peanut butter and jelly cheesecake. Mmm. Where was the peanut butter? Lemon tea cake, dry and no lemon flavour. The salmon had cold sweet potato under it. Don't put hot salmon on cold puree.... Oh dear. My birthday guests won't be back.

    • 4 reviews

    Lovely food , however it wasn't busy and the meal wasn't hot. Lovely new fresh venue, great Sa wine choices. Waitress friendly but we were waiting for service a few times.

  3. Leonie C.
    • one review

    Had a fantastic time. Lovely atmosphere. A get-together with old friends. Felt quite intimate. Waiters very attentive. Food great. Felt special.

  4. Murdo L.
    • one review

    great changes - great menu - great setting - great staff - everything great.! Dont hesitate to come for a look to see the new Marion Hotel and in particular The Fork restaurant.

  5. Warren J.
    • 2 reviews

    While the atmosphere and food were reasonable, unfortunately we were very disappointed with the overall service. The meal was served quickly - possibly too quickly. But then we had to wait for our coffee - and wait - and wait. We ordered it 3 times, each time receiving apologies and promises. But they still didn't come!! We decided to give up and leave, because we were running out of time, but then they arrived - too late to be drunk in comfort. We had to leave half, to get moving. As virtually all the staff were aware of the problem, it would have been nice if they'd offered to not charge for the coffees, in the circumstances! That would have been a nice gesture, and created goodwill, which would have ensured we would return. Unfortunately, we didn't leave with any good feelings, so we won't be back. So, complimentary treatment for our half drunk coffees cost them much more than the cost of the coffees! I put this down to management, not permitting the staff to make decisions to please customers, rather than the attitudes of the staff themselves. As well, once one waitress had introduced herself, and said she'd be serving us, we never saw her again. There was no continuity of service, which is something I believe we're entitled to in this day and age, when paying premium prices at an eatery. Although I detest the "tipping" economy, this would never happen if the staff survived on tips! So, overall, disappointed. And the most important comment - we won't give them a second chance. I will always give disappointing food a second chance, (because accidents can easily happen) but never disappointing service, because that's usually endemic in an organisation, and unlikely to improve!

  6. David B.
    • one review

    Service was terrible, no table water, stuffed up our wine order, forgot our entree, took a long time, food was overpriced/overcooked & underwhelming, staff had no idea what they were doing. If you going to charge like fine dining and offer average pub fare from untrained staff then expect more negative reviews.

  7. Melanie L.
    • one review

    Fantastic renovations. Lots of dining spaces.

  8. A A.
    • 274 reviews

    I took two older ladies out to lunch in the dining room, there were a couple of big tables there celebrating and we found the room very noisy and couldn’t hear each other talking . Also it was a Saturday and there was no seniors menu which was disappointing . The food though was delicious and service although a little slow was friendly.

  9. Sharon K.
    • one review

    Service was a bit lacking. It took us 10 minutes when I first arrived to get someone to take the cake from us to store in the fridge. Even though we stood at the food service area and had a cheesecake shop which was quiet obvious what we were doing. Then when we did get acknowledged the girl who asked if we needed a hand then had to get someone else who was cleaning tables to take the cake. After our meal I ended up clearing our own table and putting on a nearby table . My husband asked for a coke no sugar but was given full strength and because the server had already opened the bottle she said it couldn’t be changed. Luckily the food was good and it was a nice atmosphere otherwise we will not be trying again.

  10. A A.
    • 267 reviews

    This pub is awesome since ther renos.. highly recommend!

  11. Diane G.
    • one review

    First visit since the upgrade, definitely going back

  12. A A.
    • 276 reviews

    Nicely renovated

  13. Jane A.
    • one review

    We loved our meal, and the room is fantastic The staff were great also, but I felt for them as there where a lot of groups booking in and there didn't seem to be enough staff to cover the room. It did take a long time for our table to be cleared - all in all - we will be back :)

  14. A A.
    • 287 reviews

    Meal was a bit slow coming out considering the restaurant was not busy. As the hotel is going through some massive renovations I am sure it will rate a 10 when finished. Definately will return.

  15. Dean P.
    • 2 reviews

    Quality of the food was great.

  16. Cathy M.
    • 2 reviews

    New Restaurant only open a couple of days, I’m sure they will improve on all aspects.

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