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Hummus (vegan)
Hummus Bil Lahme

Hummus dip topped with kofta mince and nuts

Baba Ganoush (vegan)

Roasted eggplant mashed with tahini, with a touch of pomegranate

Moussaka (vegan)

Hot tapas

Falafel (10) (vegan)

Famous chickpea, fresh herb and spice balls. Served with tahini dip

Kibbeh (4)

Crushed wheat and spice balls, filled with beef mince and nuts. Served with tzatziki dip

Cheese cigars (4)

Spinach & fetta filled filo pastry rolls. Served with tzatziki dip

Mixed hot tapas platter

Vine leaves stuffed with our special spicy rice. Served with tzatziki dip


Mashawi shish

2 skewers or your choice , garlic dip and Mashawi salad with a choice of Mashawi rice or chips



Traditional Moroccan soup of lentils, chickpeas and spices

Chicken meatball noodle soup

Clear broth with meatballs and noodles. Traditional celebration soup, served in the Middle East on special ocasions


Chermoule Fish tagine

Local fish of the day cooked in special chermoula marinade. Served with spicy potatoes and couscous or rice

Lamb Bamia (okra) tagine

Slow cooked lamb with okra in Moroccan Neapolitan sauce. Served over couscous or rice

Chicken olive and potato tagine

Chemoula marinated chicken slow cooked with potatoes, olives and preserved lemon. Served over couscous or rice

Kofta tahini and potato tagine

Kofta balls cooked in tahini sauce with potatoes. Served over couscous or rice

Kofta Merguez Tagine

Kofta balls and merguez sausages cooked in Moroccan Neapolitan sauce with potatoes. Served over couscous or rice

Vegan mains

Lentil rice tagine (Mujaddara)

Rice, lentils cooked with special spices, topped with fried cauliflower, drizzled with tahini sauce and pomegranate

Mousaka tagine

Couscous topped with vegetable moussaka, fried zucchini topped with onions and chickpeas

Black fez

Couscous stuffed, grilled tomatoes covered with crumbed eggplant wedges, drizzled with Moroccan sauce and chickpeas



Finely chopped tomatoes, parsley, mint, bulgur and onion, seasoned with olive oil, lemon juice and salt


Mix of cucumber, tomatoes and lettuce, mixed with fatoush dressing and topped with toasted lebanese sumac bread

Grilled haloumi salad

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