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Peking duck(4 pcs)
Aberdeen blue eye trevalla ( 4 pcs)
Sea scallops (6pcs)
Bruny island jumbo oysters (6pcs)
Perkins bay abalone (150g)
Duck 'sang choy bao' (2pcs)


Chicken &sweet corn

Diced chicken and corn in velvety broth

Crab & pumpkin

Shredded blue swimmer crab meat, pumpkin purée


Chinese ravioli with diced prawns & pork in chicken broth

Szechuan hot & sour

Szechuan classic ~ rich broth with shredded silky bean curd, bamboo shoots,black fungus, shallots & duck fillets

Chicken consommé

fillets with fresh shiitake& baby bok choy in chicken broth

Crayfish & bean curd

Shreds of fresh crayfish, silky bean curd, shimeji mushrooms, velvety broth


Double braised greenlip abalone

Served either whole or sliced with braised shiitake & steamed seasonal vegetables, ormer reduction


Blue eye trevalla (Tasmanian ~ 2pcs ~ 200grams) (g)

Fillets steamed with ginger & spring onions, seasoned soya, Chinese vegetable garnish

Deep sea pink ling

Sautéed fillets with fresh garlic, snow peas, sugar snaps & Shao Xing rice wine

Atlantic salmon (2pcs)

Steamed fillets, diced black bean, sun dried mandarin peels, garlic, fresh chilli, seasoned soya, seasonal vegetable garnish

Chinese flounder

Whole flounder deep fried topped with a combination of prawns, beef, chicken, barbecued pork and seasonal vegetables with oyster sauce


Seafood bird’s nest

Sauté prawns, sea scallops, fresh fish fillets, squid and seasonal vegetables stir fried with fresh garlic & Shao Xing rice wine served in a crispy potato birds nest

Sea urchin king prawn

Sautéed with Tasmanian sea urchin roe & salted egg yolk

Spicy salt Squid

Wok fried then pan tossed with spicy salt, five spices, fresh chilli


Roast duck
Ying yang duck


Mount buddha chicken

Deboned oven roasted chicken fillets with diced coriander, fresh chilli, garlic & ginger in vinegar dressing, garnished with strips of sugar coated baby bok choy leaves

Spring chicken

Deboned oven roasted chicken fillets with shredded ginger, shallots, fresh chilli, dressed with supreme soya


Cape grim cantonese (300grams)(g)

Wok seared tender eye fillets gently cooked in oyster sauce, served on a bed of fresh broccoli

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