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Mexicano Magic... Rewriting the rulebook for Mexican dining is Mexicano, looking more like a mod beach house than a traditional taqueria. With its bare white walls, communal tables and seriously high bench stools, Mexicano is Mexican sleek chic with no sombreros, ponchos or Mexican flags at this beach side diner. Despite the minimalist decor, it’s only a matter of minutes before you’re reminded that you’re dining Mexicano for the night with noisy blenders whizzing up frozen margaritas and endless platters of guacamole and corn chips being ferried out to a blond, post-surfing crowd. Like the sound of that? So do we! You can never have a) enough guac (slang for guacamole), b) enough good looking surfy crowds to drool over - or is that guac that causes the drooling? Who knows. At the helm of the kitchen is chef Sean Prenter who waves his magic wand and makes Mexican food shine. His homemade tortillas for the soft shell tacos are both soft and crispy (see what we mean - it’s magic!) and are available with everyones fave fillings. The tangy ceviche shouldn’t be missed, served up in a glass with a seriously good Spencer Gulf prawns and corn chips...if you haven't had enough. Get down before sunset, this place packs out when the sun goes down. Best dish: Spencer gulf prawn ceviche, chiili, Avocado, clamato jelly

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