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Miss songs Peking duck pancake 12pcs

Roast Peking duck, cucumber, spring onion, hoisin & Chinese pancake

Crispy eggplant with fragrant sauce DF

Stir fried with ginger, onion, chilli & vinegar sauce

Vegetable spring roll (3pcs) DF V

With sweet & sour sauce

Salt and pepper calamari DF GF

Wok fried calamari with spicy chilli salt


Roast duck soup DF

Roast duck strips, bamboo shoot, black funghi, mushroom & snow pea

From the tank

Live lobster



Kung bo chicken DF

Wok tossed chicken pieces with capsicum, onion, cashews, mushrooms & scallion

Singaporean chilli prawn DF

King prawn stir fried in sweet, spicy, tangy tomato & egg based sauce

Sizzling Mongolian lamb DF

Stir fried lamb fillet pieces with hoisin sauce & chilli

Seafood supreme DF

Stir fried prawn cutlets, scallop, calamari & seasonal vegetables in garlic sauce

Szechuan beef DF

Stir fried beef pieces with green onion, dried chilli, Szechuan pepper & cashew


Duck fried rice DF

Roast duck, green pea, egg & spring onion

Fried rice special DF

BBQ pork, shrimp, green pea, egg & spring onion

Steamed jasmine rice (per bowl) DF GF V
Vegetarian fried rice DF GF V

Baby corn, dried raisin, egg & diced vegetables

Fujian style fried rice DF

Egg fried rice, topped with a sauce of prawn, scallop, chicken, roast duck & mushroom


Mixed seafood soft noodle DF

A combination of prawn cutlets, scallops, calamari & seasonal vegetables on soft noodles

Duck chow mee DF

Pan fried egg noodles, duck, capsicum, snow peas & bean shoots

BBQ pork and shrimp Singaporean fried noodles DF

Vermicelli noodles, bean shoots, capsicum & toasted sesame seeds

Vegetarian Singaporean fried noodles DF V

Vermicelli noodles, bean shoots, capsicum & toasted sesame seeds



Vanilla ice cream, shot of coffee & a choice of liquor GF

Cardamom and honey crème brulee

With pistachio sable

Banana fritter

With vanilla ice cream

Deep fried ice cream

With maple syrup

Warm apple and ginger pudding

With butterscotch sauce & vanilla ice cream

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