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dined on Mon, 31 Dec 2018

Views were great. Service was excellent. Food was very well-presented and probably would have been excellent if served during a 'made to order' dining experience. Since we attended on New Year's Eve, it was a set menu and obviously a little hard to get all meals served to a 10/10 standard. Dessert buffet selection looked quite pretty but the flavours still need some more work. Still, a very enjoyable evening and definitely worth giving it another go on a quieter night.

dined on Tue, 25 Dec 2018

Went there for christmas lunch so maybe not representative of what they normally do in the sense that it was a set menu. Started with a seafood buffet, followed by 5-course lunch, then a dessert buffet. It was all very good.

dined on Tue, 25 Dec 2018

The air conditioning was ineffective for patrons sitting along the window ledge. I wondered about the appropriateness of thick carpet that may have blocked floor vents, I do not know. Carpet might be a good idea of noise however surely there is a fibre like cork tiles that can absorb restaurant noise. The air conditioning unit had been set up to look after workers, not the majority of restaurant patrons. We sweltered inside and we dripped with sweat. We were forced to wipe the sweat off our face and neck using our napkin. Apparently staff did not consider this was serious. Our tables should have been moved to a cooler position. Unfortunately this bad experience did not end there. The cooked mains tasted like they had been preprepared earlier perhaps even the night before and had sat in waiting on a food warmer. The food was dry and the vegetables were unpleasant to eat - the few there, the vegetables were dry and tasteless and chilli was used to mask the tastelessness of one course. The food was disgusting. Without doubt this meal was the worse food I have ever eaten out in my life. That is saying something! I could not eat much of the mains apart from a few bites of the dry veggies and some of the mango sorbet but the coconut part of the dessert was sickly sweet. The seafood buffet was reasonable because the food had not been cooked! The small foods, sweet and savoury were disgusting. They were dry and tasteless too. It was unbelievable. The sweets selection was equally horrible. I make significantly more delicious desserts and I would not serve these up to anyone to eat ever. They were dry and tasteless. There was no salad bar and few vegetables served with the mains and they were dry and tasteless as distinguished. I took my daughter to what used to be a first class restaurant to celebrate her PhD acceptance a few years ago. Every mouthful was a delight. The reverse was true for Christmas lunch 20o18 unfortunately. I foolishly expected something similar this time. I should have checked to see if the business had been sold! The reviews I read after being forced to pay in advance (and there were discrepancies over the price quoted in the first email) did not reflect our Christmas Day experience. The meal and heat was a horrible and possibly risky ordeal. Unfortunately the new management has no idea about food, if that could be possible, certainly not Christmas food. We paid too much money to swelter and sweat. I ate four prawns, a quarter of a bug and a few mouthfuls of some of the mains, a few mouthfuls of the small foods, sweet and savoury and a few mouthfuls of horrible desserts. All the food was horrible apart from sweet raw pineapples, prawns, bugs and the cherries were plump but not great to eat! In other words the only acceptable component of the meal was the uncooked food! I have never experienced a worse restaurant in my life. We should be entitled to a refund given we endured the heat as we sweated through a tasteless meal with no alternative but to wipe our faces with a serviette. It was a horrible and unpleasant experience all up. Had I not paid for my meal in advance, we would have walked out! OMG had this not happened, I would never have believed it possible. I am a better cook than this Chef! Dinners be warned. It was the first Christmas I have tried eating out and it will be the last. I'll be cooking at home next year. For the price I paid for rubbish, I'll be able to feed my immediate neighbourhood! It was terrible and beyond belief an expensive Christmas lunch could ever be so bad.

dined on Sat, 22 Dec 2018

View is great and service was good. He food was nice, however I don’t think it was worth the amount we paid (when I compare to other comparable fine dining options in Canberra)

dined on Sat, 22 Dec 2018

When we ordered we were told, after we had selected, that food was not available and would we change our selection. Then once we had ordered the waiter came back and said that the kitchen had also run out of a particular item and we needed to change again. Only issue was the waiter missed that we both ordered the dish. When the food order was taken no drinks were taken. It took a considerable period of time to then have drinks taken. No water replenishment in 2.5hrs. On the day we attended the place had gone down hill dramatically from when we had last visited.

dined on Sat, 22 Dec 2018

Beautiful location, amazing food, perfect for a special occasion.

dined on Fri, 21 Dec 2018

It all seemed very rushed with the waitresses at our table four times within the first five minutes asking if we were ready to order. This was our fifth visit and every other time it has been a lovely atmosphere. Last night there was a large group and we couldnt hear our conversation as the other group was soooo loud!

dined on Tue, 18 Dec 2018

As a relatively regular visitor to On Red; the restaurant has unfortunatley declined a little after new management has taken over. The food is still amazing, as is the views and location, but the service has fallen several notches. The wine list is no longer impressive and the knowledge and general 'attention to detail' atmosphere is gone. It's no longer a 'fine dining' atmosphere which is a shame as the food is really really good.

dined on Fri, 14 Dec 2018

no additional comments

dined on Fri, 14 Dec 2018

Has been about a year since I have been here. It was where I proposed and where we share our anniversary. The menu last time I was here was a sharing menu and I preferred that. Was just not quite up to the food standard I was expecting but we were well looked after service wise.
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Located on Red Hill Drive in Red Hill, Onred is the perfect spot to watch the sunset while eating delicious food with your partner. Onred’s fresh and authentic menus are inspired by Australian cuisine. Be prepared to experience tasty drinks and exceptional food including lamb cutlets, pork belly and confit duck leg. Go and experience this sensational restaurant for yourself- the view is almost as breathtaking as the food! Best Dish: Classic lemon tart with vanilla and raspberry

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