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Small dishes

Paper Crane crisps

Crunch time with a combination of squid ink and tapioca chips, cassava crackers and seaweed chips with smoked paprika and sriracha mayonnaise (GF)(NF)

Truffled edamame

Truffle oil and house-made green tea salt (VG)(GF)(DF)(NF)

Hiramasa cured kingfish

with pickled watermelon, black caviar, jalapeño salsa, wasabi ponzu and nori chips (DF)(GF)(NF)

Nam phrik crudités (Share for two)

Spice up your life and share our Asian vegetable crudités with nam phrik and our grilled eggplant and coriander dip

Paper Crane duck spring roll

House-made duck spring rolls with cucumber pickle and hoisin sauce (NF)

Lee family KFC

Chef Lee’s family recipe of boneless Korean chicken with crushed peanut, Paper Crane slaw and sweet and spicy sauce

Kimchi arancini

Pork and fried kimchi rice, beetroot hummus, yuzu labneh and compressed apple, feta and crispy baby spinach in a XO crumb (NF)


Cha-siu pork belly with Paper Crane slaw, coriander and cha-siu sauce (NF)

Vegan bao

Steamed bao bun with grilled vegetables, black sesame seeds and coriander (VG)


Crispy pork belly

in sticky miso sauce with seasonal veggies, chillies, ginger salsa and apple puree

Show stopper sizzling chicken pad kaphrao

with baby corn, long beans, crispy Thai basil, chilli and garlic

Five spice beef cheeks

Braised Crystalbrook Signature Beef cheeks with five spice, mixed Asian rice, bone marrow and pickles (DF)(GF)

Vodka flamed prawns

Vodka flamed Far North Queensland prawns in coconut and sweet chilli cream with rice noodles with coriander and crispy noodles (GF)(NF)

Peking duck style breast

served with Chinese pancake, vegetables, charred onion, hoisin gravy, olive and yellow mustard seed crumb (GF)(DF)(NF)

Grilled eggplant Asian style

with soy sesame sauce, Asian herbs, crushed daikon, crispy rice and seaweed salad (VG)(GF)(DF)(NF)

Dry red salmon curry

wrapped in banana leaf topped with coconut cream and chilli oil with wok greens

Crystalbrook signature beef

Dry-aged beef sirloin 300g

Served with vegetables and beef jus

Dry-aged beef rump 300g

Served with vegetables and beef jus

Kids menu

Steamed rice with Asian vegetables, oyster sauce, egg, chicken or vegetable (NF)
Rice noodles with chicken and oyster sauce (NF)(DF)

On the side

Fried Asian greens

With oyster sauce (DF)(NF)

Steamed jasmine rice (GF)(NF)(DF)(VG)
Paper crane slaw

Something sweet

Selection of sorbet (GF)(DF)(NF)(VG)
Honey butter chips (NF)(GFO)

House-made potato chips sautéed in sticky honey butter served with vanilla ice cream and dusted with parsley

Caramelised banana roti

Banana-rama your way through this caramelised banana roti with crushed peanut, coconut gelato and fruit

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