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à la carte

Huitres (oysters)

Fresh onion soup

Fresh Tasmanian oysters opened to order

Huitres a l’ail (GF)

Fresh Tasmanian oysters cooked with garlic & herb

Huitres Mornay

Fresh Tasmanian oysters grilled with a creamy cheese sauce

Huitres Paris Go (GFO)

A mixed platter of the above

Les potages et soupes (soups)

Soupe du jour (see especials board)

Soup of the day

Soupe a I’oignon gratinee

Fresh onion soup

Entrees chaudes (hot entrees)

Poivron farcies au beurre blank (GFO)

Vegetarian stuffed capsicum with mushroom rissotto

Sardines grillees (GF)

Bone Atlantic Sardines with virgin olive oil

Tarte aux poireaux

Leek tart served with salad

Entrees froides (cold entrees)

Terrine de lapin (GF)

Home made rabbit terrine

Rillettes de porc (GF)

Rustic pâté made from pork belly

Pâté de foie de volailles

Chicken liver pâté

Truite d’ocean marine (GF)

Freshly cured ocean trout marinated in dill, pernod, lemon & olive oil

Plats de resistance (main courses)

Goujons de poisson au tartare

Fresh fish in beer batter with tartare sauce

Steak Tartare (GF)

Hand cut eye fillet with various condiments & dash of cognac

Filet béarnaise (GF)

Prime Export Quality 250g Eye fillet served with bearnaise sauce

Entrecote de boeuf (GFO)

Prime porterhouse steak with a choice of sauces (pepper, mushroom, bordelaise)


Salade de roquefort (GF)

Butter lettuce, roquefort cheese with a walnut oil & champagne vinegar dressing

Salade de betteraves au chevre (GF)

Roasted beetroot served with goats cheese with raspberry vinigerette

Salade d’aubergines (GF)

Cooked to order, slices of eggplant dressed with roasted red capsicum & a balsamic garlic vinegarette


Frites (GF)
Vegetables (chef’s selection) (GF)

Cheese and desserts


A fine selection of imported cheeses

Oeufs a la neige

Meringues served with crème anglaise

Tarte aux pommes

Hot thin pastry apple tart served with ice cream (allow 20 minutes)

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